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Sterling Sinclair Introduces Newly Rebranded Counselling Service November 11, 2015

Sterling Sinclair

Introduces Newly Rebranded Counselling Service

November 11, 2015

After all these years of education/training/experience (in and out of school), I have finally figured out a counselling modality that is inspirational, proactive, results oriented, and addresses multiple realities and unseen influences.

My new service will be simply called

Sterling Sinclair Counselling Services

new counselling page

new counselling blog

My fee is $100/hr.

I will be continuing with my alternative sessions – offered by request.

I believe that this counselling service will be of great help, especially for people uncertain of sharing with doctors their life concerns, beliefs, visions, dreams, voices, fantasies, matters of paranormal and metaphysical natures.

As you all know, my belief is a person’s perception is 100% of that person’s reality.

I am happy to help people without judgement and within their realities.

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Love to you,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Mother’s Day Auracatures from His Archives, May 12, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature aa-mothers-day-4


Psychic Sterling Sinclair-mothers-day-3


Psychic Sterling Sinclair-mothers-day-2


Psychic Sterling Sinclair-mothers-day-1


Being a mother is not an easy job.

My love goes out to mothers today.