Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Let us be Mindful of Ascension and the Fullness of Being. October 19, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Let us be Mindful of Ascension and the Fullness of Being.

 October 19, 2016
The more we remember and the more our existence manifests our memory – the more we elevate in our state and the more we radiate Source.  
We do not think we are better than people who have not yet reached the same states of purification but it can feel to them that we are leaving them behind and joining our new friends in the sky.  

We are all at different places in our memory realization.  

Some of us have many lives left in this world and some of us have fewer lives left snd some of us have the chance to make this our last life here.  

Personally, as some of you know, I have no intention on returning.  

Back to Source I go.  

A couple of you reading this, we know that your work is not done and you will be here at least one more time.  

The process of ascending is to allow – to allow the ascension.  

As a personal note, I never really felt in place in this world but as I reach back into the heavens, I am experiencing separation anxiety – believe it or not – no matter all the failings of this heavy mud ball world – there is beauty here that is incomparable to any place in the cosmos.  

I wish that when all of you look into the mirror and deep into your eyes that you see the glorious person who I see when I see you.  

If being a Freak has given me this eternal memory of you, being a Freak has been sooooo worth it.

“God Bless the Freaks, for we shall inherit another reality!”  

Where ever we are going and no matter how many we cycles of life that we all have left, I love you and I thank you for your love.  

May this be a day of positive memory realization.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Auracatures and the Stages of Spiritual Alignment, October 19, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Auracatures and the Stages of Spiritual Alignment, October 19, 2016

 This was part of my presentation in Montreal this past weekend. 

All effort is made in every Auracature session to achieve stage 1.  

In stage 1, we have the ability to see our truth. Most of us hover between 1 & 2. It is pretty difficult on this planet to retain stage 1.

I think it is caused by:

A/ third party energy transference – other people’s energy, influence, words, behaviours. You know, like – we often trust someone until another person suggests that we better not. When it happens as a young person, our trust level drops and we then begin to question what we have with our closest loved ones. So we don’t want 2 but we often bounce around on either side of 2. Walmart shopping for me – tosses me directly deep into stage 3. It is horribly fascinating.

B/ fear, life anxieties, some illnesses, individualized loneliness, sense of being lost or forgotten, etc. Although “A” may inspire many of these characteristics, it is our choice to embrace them or release them.  

So the every-day lesson is – when we feel frazzle – self doubt – etc. our spirit has distanced itself from us. We can simply say, spirit get back in here and flush out this negativity. We got work to do Buddy. Then we allow our spirit to super charge us!!!  

My the FORCE of your Spirit be with you!

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Volunteer Auracature Workshop III, October 29, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Volunteer Auracature Workshop III, October 29, 2016  
Below the new post office in Spring Brook Ontario on the Spring Brook Rd.  
Look for my Sterling Sinclair signs.  
10:00am to 4:00pm with a Pot Luck social time to follow if you can stay. 
New participants and previous volunteers welcome.  
Please let me know by checking “going” on the FB event or sending me an email.

Facebook Event
Please bring fine and ultra fine black sharpies (2 each if you can).  

$5.00 for paper supplies

A notebook or journal.  

A bag lunch 

And a drum if you have one. 

This workshop will examine drawing movements, breathing, music, and energy changes related to Auracature. Be prepared to draw with and without shoes and socks.  

We will continue to examine and practice posture and line draping. 

This will be an exciting workshop.  
The next workshop will be at the end of November – 3 day LVL 1 Auracature Certification. 

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair – USA Election and WWIII, Oct 17, 2016 

Psychic Sterling Sinclair – USA Election and WWIII, Oct 17, 2016 
WWIII and the 2016 American Election

Over the last 12 years, I have received hundreds and hundreds of channels from Source. They have predicted many happenings including the eventuality of a 3rd world war.   

In those channels, they have shown a president with back skin connected to mounting huge debt and a white woman with her finger on the RED BUTTON holding two missile keys.  

The collapse of the once “great” USA has been shown like the fall of Rome. “The time has come” – has been written time and time again regarding this collapse. 

Unwilling to accept this outcome as fate – a destined nightmare that we cannot avert – I have prayed and drawn and recorded multiple channels that state 2 things:

1/ To rebuild a stronger USA and to avert war – a president from outside the traditional political stream – an independently wealthy president running as independent with exceptional business skills – would be needed. 

2/ Direct spiritual intervention during the rise of the second sun and with the guidance of the second Son. Deliberate spiritual direction channeling the change in direction of destructive energies. “He walks with you now – Watch as the second sun rises.”

By taking the route of #2, the issue of number one, will look after itself. 

If you have been upset with me for posting things such as this – this is why I have posted. I tried to disbelieve the divine channels too. But the prophecies continue to be true. 

Could Trump be considered an independent? That is difficult to say. He is running as a Republican but it seems that the GOP are distancing themselves from him as though he is being made into an Independent before our eyes. Maybe the independent candidate is no longer running for presidency – that, I have not been shown. 

I am personally not a supporter of any party in the USA and if I was given the chance, I’d vote for an independent candidate or the Green Party. So please understand that my posts are not for or against Trump or Clinton – they are in relationship to averting full out WWIII and my pre-Obama channels pretty closely depicting this election during the ramp to war. 

If I have any American friends left out there willing to read this post, I beg of you to do your research into your candidates and vote with this one major question on your minds, “What candidate is most likely to seek out further working relations with Russia, China and/or North Korea rather than going to war against them in the next 4 years?” When you find that answer, vote for that person. 

This is a world concern – not simply one of one country. My heart goes out to all of you. 

I pray that WWIII is averted. 

Much love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflects Russia Syria Iraq USA WWIII, October 13, 2016 – tells people to get out of Syria in 2012 

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflects Russia Syria Iraq USA WWIII, 

October 13, 2016 

Tells people to get out of Syria in 2012 

Posts like the following made me a laughing stock in the psychic, prophetic world. I received an astounding amount of messages and chats flared with hate projected toward me. I went from possible psychic to crazy in some chat rooms. 
Nobody, it seemed, supported the possibility that WWIII was in motion and the red circle was the hot bed within which it would break out if WWIII was not stopped. 
Some days a prophet is the first to be discounted.  
But how far is WWIII from reality is it now?
“February 7, 2012 – A Day of Unrest – Therefore, Remain Still!
Channel 1 on that day.
“You know not what she is capable of. – (vision of earth)
Get out of Seria /Siria/Syria Now (vision of a creature rising out of the desert and the spelling of “seria” kept changing)

Waters run black with gold running through her veins. (vision of flowing tar and the earth opening up and an explosion like a volcanic eruption but with no mountain – just a cone of sand?)

What do flies do just before lightening and rain?

They bite.”

Channel 2 on that day.
“Today is a day.

Today is begun.

Today is final.

Today is a day,

for some, you must run.

If there was a day to do nothing, this would be that day.
No matter what you do today, it will not work out the way it is intended.

So minimize potential powder kegs or don’t go near them at all.

Sometimes, avoidance is the best thing to do.

On days like this, we can appreciate getting our homes in order.

I write more and include the Auracature of the Day on my blog.
We birth.
We mate.

We love.

We hate.

Too much thinking.
Too much denial.

Too much weight,

For us, we do rial.

Cool the jets.
We get what we gets.

This day will too pass

Don’t give reason

For more regrets.

Breathe, centre and ground.
Welcome stillness for us to resound.

Today, do not start what you cannot finish.
“The earth… she is unstable.
Buckle up and tether the cable.

The blind shall see.

The crippled shall walk.

Only you can decide

if you’re free or not.”

Then on December 2, 2015:

I pray for peace. 
God help us all,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Discusses the Relationship between Auracatures and God Particles, Sept 24, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair
Discusses the Relationship
between Auracatures and God Particles,
Sept 24, 2016


Auracatures are recordings of eternal memory that thrives in our subatomic reality. From within the “vacuum” spoken of in “God Particle” conversations is what I would call the Universal God Program Code vehicle – the Voice of Source. 

Eternal memory exists in a precognitive intention based filtration system whereby manifestation is reached.  

Auracatures pre-exist their recording. Their inaudible vibration patterns reveal themselves upon the page. Such communication is not psychic – such communication is cellular truth. 

Snippets of that truth are recorded through the Auracature process. One Auracature is formed by many pre-existing / pre-conscious-intention memories. The choice of such memories is our mission. 

The reason that we write our intention before drawing is because our intention screens out the limitless feed of Source. We choose to say yes or no before we even know what we will record. 

Thus, intension does not command an image to appear but rather filters images wanting to appear. 

Many of you have heard me say: “There is no such thing as creativity – there is only creatively assembled memory.”

Here is some pre-workshop reading if you’d like to take a peek.  

One of the secrets of becoming an Auracature Artist is to drop the notion that the process is a psychic one that retrieves information from outside the Artist’s own cellular structure. 

Remember: We already know what we need to know – but we often don’t know what we know or that we already know what we know. 

Auracatures are far more complex than pretty pictures. 

How cool is that?!

Blessings, S

Sterling’s Auracature Page

Sterling Sinclair Auracature Workshop – You Can Be an Auracature Artist Too!  Sept. 24, 2016

Sterling Sinclair Auracature Workshop #2

Beginners Welcome – Experience Required: Birth!

You Can Be an Auracature Artist Too! 

 Sept. 24, 2016

On Saturday, September 24 from 10:00am to 6:00pm – We will be joining in Springbrook for the next installment of learning to record Auracatures. 

Students at multiple levels will be in attendance. 

Pretty Cool! eh?!

This is not a drop-in event. 

You can view the event on Facebook:

Here are some photos from the last workshop:

Auracature Art is a recording of our universal connection.  It is the visual language of our eternal memory.  

I am often quoted saying: 

“There is no such thing as creativity.  There is sellective odering of memory.”

Auracatures speak to us through familiarity.  They beautifully record what we already know.  We celebrate freedom as the Auracature is set Free. 

I am the original Auracature Artist.  Although I developed Auracatures as a visual creative counselling medium, it took off as a Psychic Art leading to my successful international psychic art business.  

How did this happen?

Clients witnessed familiarities in the Auracature images. After the first 600 Auracatures, I was able to catalogue the meanings and begin to read them.  

In my opinion, this is not a psychic art, but it is the closest pop-culture title it has.  I call Auracature Art: Intuitive Graphic Impressionism.  

I am one of the few Masters globally and the only one in North America that I know of. Other Masters call their art form different names – such as – Fay’s Galactic Art from Glastonbury.  

To be truthful, workshop #1 was for me to observe so that I could better design the Auracature Certification Courses. I barely taught a lesson.  At the end of the day, I taught the structure of the Auracature.  With the help of my assistants and Auracature Masters Students, Auracatures were set free and students suddenly began drawing like I had not presumed.  

Over a month has passed at over 3/4s of the students from Workshop #1 are still drawing each day.  

Many of them are coming to Workshop #2 and will be sharing their Auracature adventure. 

Here are some posts that I made about Workshop #2


Volunteers Wanted: Aspiring Auracature Artists 

Workshop Registration will Close Tuesday Night, Sept 20, 2016.  


Workshop #1 certificate holders and people who did not participate in or complete workshop #1 are welcome to attend. 

Volunteer Auracature Workshop #2

Learning to Listen: Psychic Medium – NO / Universal Visceral Communication – YES 

Saturday September 24, 2016

Auracature Art is not about hearing psychic information – it is listening to you body’s speech as it translates and responds to intention and universal wisdom.  

In this workshop, we will investigate our personal and communal sensations. 

What does this even mean?

In each and every Auracature, layers of meanings and volumes of guidance are recorded in the image. The Auracature is recorded by responding to one’s own body and movement restrictions. Hence, to become an Auarcature artist one must learn to understand ones’ own body communication. 

Listening in this case is not listening to spiritual communication it is listening to the tangible. The tangible being the Auracature Artist’s own body response.  

Auracature art creation is a valuable tool that trains the Auracature artist to listen to the artist’s own body. The very thing we were born to which listen.  

Workshop-one was to help me observe and assess feeling Auracature Biomechanics reactions. Workshop two will be to help me observe and assess listening to Auracature Biomechanic responses.  

Please note, these workshops are less like spiritual workshops and more like how-to workshops.  

The goal is to train Auracature Artists to draw a particular style that is Auracature. 

Love to you and thanks in advance for your help,



Before Auracature workshops and sessions, it is not uncommon for students/clients to feel a sense of opposition to coming – busy-ness or illness may seemingly slide in – also work shifts will suddenly change, baby sitters and or family will inspire or feed drama, guests will come or stay unexpectedly, you won’t be able to find clean underwear, etc.  


Your cells pre-emptively begin alignment. Your cells remember origin. Your power originates from your creation. Recording Auracatures is the process of giving back to your cells their heard and witnessed eternal voice.  

There is much noise in this reality that it, as chaos, separates the innate alignment process of creation – but because it is progressive – it feels “right.”   

The system of noise will try to remain noisy.  

In all likelihood, those adverse reactions to coming will pass once you arrive and we begin.  

You know… The only real experience you require for this workshop is that you were born. 

Love to you, S

Please note, not all people will have these oppositional reactions but if you do, please know that it commonly happens. You are not alone.


Hey hey hey – looks like things are shaping up for a good day Saturday. I sure hope we can go cloud watching.  


When it comes to Auracatures, our innocence is our most useful experience. 

When recording an Auracature, we, like a child, mindfully live in the eternal now.  

We align with our true selves – our truth – we were born with communal, cellular memory of our inner program codified by the Universe. 

The deeper we sink into the Auracature, our brain waves shift in such a way that we find our selves consciously navigating trance. 

Our movement is one of trust and marvel.  

Even after drawing over 3000 Auracatures, every time is new to me. No one Auracature has ever been duplicated.  

Cloud watching takes me back to laying on the ground with my mom, Linda, as we discovered the moving, morphing shapes, figures, beings, and marvellous mysteries in the sky.  

Cloud watching naturally sinks us into our truth – no matter how small we are, we are one with each other and creation.  

Let us discover and record our creation through innocence together. 

Love, Sterling 

Ps.. Can you tell that I am excited?! LOL.  



Please wear stretchy comfortable clothes and be prepared to be in your bare-feet. 


List of what to bring:

– Colouring pencils

– Sharpie Markers (at least one of each – fine and ultra fine)

– Sketch book – bristol stock is best but any will work. You may have purchased the special papers I use, if so, please use those. 

– A pen and pencil to write with. 

– Optional – journal

– Blanket or mat to lay on outside if weather cooperates. 

– Lawn chair

– if you have an old Twister Board, please bring it – do not go out and purchase one (we may not get around to using it and if we do, we only need 3 in total). 

Your lunch and something to drink plus a supper potluck item (couples/families may choose to only bring one – that is fine) if you can stay after. Please bring your own cups/plates/cutlery. 

Note: if you completed Workshop #1, please bring your very first drawing of workshop (the one started in the faerie circle) and bring the ones that you have been drawing since. We are going to have a show and tell. This will be a really great teaching/learning/sharing moment for all of us. The new students want to hear your stories and see your progression. Also, you should be proud of your work and development. I am proud of you and continue to be amazed at how far you have come.  

Love, S


The workshop is morphing. 


I think we are in store for a ride into the spiritual realm of alien genetic breeding and how this psychic art is not psychic art at all but a living “language” from inside our own cellular connection to universal powers. My team and I will be teaching and training more than investigating in this workshop. My guides have given the green light. Let the games begin. The sounds of existence are heard by our bodies not my our ears and seen by our memory not by our eyes. The last workshop took people to the edge of everything they thought they knew about psychic work and art and we barely scratched the surface. This is really exciting for me. Really exciting indeed. See you there. S


Our space has been confirmed. Make your way to the door marked with the hearts in the photo image. 

The hall is in the basement of 

The New Springbrook Post Office

2508 Springbrook Road, Springbrook, Ontario K0K 3C0

See you there Sept 24, 2016 at 10:00am. 

Please note – artistic skills and previous experience in drawing/Auracature-recording not needed.  

There is still room for participants.

There is no fee. Please bring your own lunch and a potluck item for supper. Also, please bring your own Sharpies / paper – (fine and ultra-fine markers or the combo tip markers). 

New and seasoned Auracature artist/students are welcome to attend.  

See you there. 



Pre-Workshop Homework. 



Sterling Sinclair Volunteer Workshop #2
Pre-Session Homework

2 Exercises:

Exercise #1: Coloured Truth out of Chaos

Step1: Scribble on your page. 

Step 2: Using different colours, colour in each section – one colour per section. 

Step 3: Create a recognizable picture by selectively colouring in the spaces.  

Step 4: Bring to workshop and share with the group. 

Hint: The form will already be there once the scribbling is completed. Allow yourself to see the form calling you to unveil it.

See above sample for completed piece.  

Exercise #2: What do you see???
Step 1: Photograph something in nature that inspires you to see it as something else.  

Step 2: Print the Photograph

Step 3: Take a marker and draw around the image that you see – as a face in tree bark – draw around the face. 

Step 4: Bring to the workshop and share with the group during our gathering together time. 

Alternate process: cut a page out of a magazine rather than photographing and printing – then do Exercise #2 – Steps 3 & 4 as above. 

Good luck and have fun.  

Auracature art requires that we see the familiar in seemingly unfamiliar shapes.

It is a pleasure to share my craft.

I am soooooo looking forward to this workshop. 

If you missed registration, worry not – another workshop will be offered in about a month’s time.  

Cheers, S
Sterling’s Auracature Website


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