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“Thanks” is Today’s Card Drawn for Us: Sterling Sinclair Oracle Deck.  October 17, 2017

“Thanks” is Today’s Card Drawn for Us: Sterling Sinclair Oracle Deck. October 17, 2017

The card I drew from the Sterling Sinclair Oracle Card Deck this morning.    
The card says: “Thanks overcomes displacement while assuring you that others rejoice because of you”
Sometimes we need a reminder that other people/person rejoice/rejoices because of you.  

This was a great card for me to draw. On a personal note – my art, talent, voice and empathic abilities came under attack (mostly through psychic ill-wishing).  It was so bad that I began feeling that nobody joyously thinks of me & nobody is thankful for anything related to me.  

I began altering that thought and then I drew this card. “Thanks” was the confirmation that I needed. 

I hope that the “Thanks” card inspires you too today. L, S 


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Dual-Spirits with Sacrificial-Spirit Kickers Awaken, June 12, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Dual-Spirits with Sacrificial-Spirit Kickers Awaken



This spirit type comes alive under a new moon.  It strengthens into the full moon and becomes itself in all of its glory by the following new moon.

The hybrid spirit-type would be commonly known as the vampire’s spirit-type.


Talk oneself, both distant and close to people in relationships, thrive at night, give of oneself to save another, hypnotic in nature, feels the depth of people’s souls when they touch people.  The list goes on.  However, some peculiarities about these people are: an ever changing vitality; sexy; create desire in other people; control people by rapture; limber; and most of all – love to suck.

With the entrepreneurial spike in energy coming, these people will be even more able to capitalize upon relationships and business than other spirit-types and spirit-type-hybrids.

These spirit-types have been hiding – almost like sleeping.  If you are one of these people – your dormancy has ended.


Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Collection of Facebook Status Messages for the Weekend – March 8 – 12, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Collection of Facebook Status Messages for the Weekend – March 8 – 12, 2013

This weekend, a window opens for travel.  Not because of March Break, but because of a rip in the fabric of assertive oppression.  If you have not been back to a place since a negative experience because each time you have tried something has come up, you have fallen ill, or your plans have been foiled/rejected by others, then this weekend is for you.  This rip is your opportunity to put bad memories to rest and start something new. So…Where are you going to travel?  What are you going to do there?  Love, S

Today and into the next 4 days, the energy is good for marking your own territory.  The innate requirement of survival is to defend what is yours.  Humans, like other animals, give off a scent that is not recognizable by the nose, but by a collection of all senses.  Most of the time, humans do not know that they are even doing it.  The ability to expand business and personal relationships in other geographic areas spikes over these 4 days, primarily Saturday at 10:28pm – Monday at 8:14am.  Good luck, S

Today, take time to daydream.  The entire day sets up this weekend of prosperity.  Dream the dreams you once dreamed and put them in motion or set them free.  No need for, “What Ifs.”  What about now?  If life has become busy and dreaming has slowed down, then life has become a stagnant circle of daily “stuckness.”  Dream the dreams of life worth dreaming, for dreams make life worth living.  Happy Dreaming, S

The passionate exchange between Ra and Gaea draw us closer to the mysteries of nature.  Communal bonds of mutual adoration and the sensuality of life itself will be amplified greatly when you hug someone (including trees, pets, etc.).  If you cannot physically reach someone, visualize them in front of you and hug them (with your arms and/or visualized energy).  If you have not tried “long distance hugging” before, today is your day to try – Happy Hugging Today.  Hugs, S

Create a great 4 days.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel Writing, March 4 2013, “A Choice Must Be Made”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel Writing

March 4, 2013

“A Choice Must Be Made”

When channels are written through my hand onto a page, they come in two ways: 1/ streamed through my hand with no thought process of my own; 2/ a flood of words and corresponding images enter the front of my mind and then are recorded by writing/drawing them down or typing them into my PC.  The 5 most common characteristics of them are: no punctuation, random capitalization, random spellings, words that mean other words (sun-son), and lyrical rhyme.

Sometimes they come in languages that I don’t know but somehow understand.  These languages may even have their own script.  Inter-dimensional channeling will often be this way.

When I post them on Facebook as status updates, the words are often typed into my blackberry while I am in a partial trance.  Once I have recovered from trance, I am prevented from making changes.  Because the channels are time, situation and emotion sensitive, I do not have time (or in many cases, the ability to break the channels) before posting to correct the spelling and/or grammar.  If I do not post within the window, the writing is lost and most often deleted.  Although I do my best to clear it up before posting, the words do become muddled.

In seminary, learning to read Hebrew scripture was frustrating and frequently confusing because of the lack of punctuation and phrase-meaning formation.

Here is an example of a channel without punctuation.  This one is quite understandable in comparison to many others.

“contamination caused cataclysmic collapse of THOSE crossing the vast expanse blue to the site  blond to the touch blinding when still yet clear when billowy gusts cross the pillars silhouette in the horizon where the SON sits resting on the plain” October 22, 2009 – Sterling Sinclair

The following was written in a script that I cannot read, however the meaning I am told through the channel is “Have a good day my brother.” OR “Have a good day my brethren.”


March 4, 2013 - Translation: Have a good day my brother / brethren.

March 4, 2013 – Translation: Have a good day my brother / brethren.

Another issue with posting a channel, by the time the channel is posted, letters and punctuation (if I have put any in) seem to change, get added, or simply vanish.  I read it over if I can and it reads fine.  After it is posted and the trance is no more, I read the post and it does not compare with what I can remember reading or writing in the trance (some things stick to the memory for a short while, some things seems to be imprinted onto the soul, and some things just vanish).  This happens because in the trance, my state of mind and language interpretation is clear.  The translation in the physical world is distorted (or so it would seem).

Maybe the language publicly posted is supposed to be written and ordered the way it is posted rather than edited and arranged in such a way that fits the current language format of the day. [The jury is still out on this one.  Different people have different opinions.]

The thing about successfully channeling pure information is, the channelor cannot get between the channel and the recorded text because the channel is severed and no information is then transmitted and/or received.

Therefore, I ask for your tolerance when it comes to my posts not making sense sometimes.  With each post of this sort, I have to decide between suffering the embarrassment of appearing language deficit AND not relaying the information as I receive it.  In short, take the chance of posting wrong OR not posting at all.  This is a fight that I must daily face because my near death experience healing event of 1996 traded conventional language with channels and forms of trance communication.


As my career and personal acceptance have developed, my choice to simply let the words flow has become more dominant than my choice to remain silent.

With that said, I both apologize to you for my loose writing skills and I am thankful for the ability to share life affecting channels with you.

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Ascension Writing, February 26, “Be Strong Today. It is Your CHOICE!”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Ascension Writing

February 26, 2013

“Be Strong Today. It is Your CHOICE!”

This is a rare public vent so forgive the tone:  “What didn’t kill me made me stronger.”

What the hell?


What didn’t kill us simply did not kill us.  In most cases it makes people weaker.  Let’s not be thankful for the benefits of the horror we experienced because it didn’t kill us.  It is our choice to learn from experiences.

Our CHOICE to not let the experience kill us is what makes us STRONGER.

We choose to be strong.

Women survivors of domestic violence often use this phrase as a banner – their strength for moving on.  Although I am a strong supporter of doing what you must do to survive and each person’s method is different, this phrase has so often presented itself as a way of not casting blame or placing ownership of the event(s) onto the spouse/lover/partner/child/etc.

If someone purposely hurts you by throwing you down the stairs, then person was not purposely trying to make you stronger.  It may not have killed you, but now the you are afraid to walk at the top of the stairs when the other person is near you.  Now you are tentative when it comes to trust.  These are not examples of being stronger.

To finally find a way to not let that happen to you and to move on – that makes you stronger.

To overcome your fear – that makes you stronger.

To demand on healthy relationships – that makes you stronger.

Today is a day to be stronger.

It is your choice to be stronger.

You can do it.

You can be strong!

L, S

FB Status:  Do not give up today.  Do not give up today.  Do not give up today.  You can do it. You Can Do It!   YOU CAN DO IT!!!!  I Love You, S  – Comment: Sometimes, some days just say: Quit!  Toss it in.  Sometimes, we fall prey of the defeatist energy to hold us in place long enough till we believe it and in turn focus the same energy upon ourselves.  Today is a day that we say, “We will NOT quit!  We will DO it!  Yes We WILL!”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Writing, February 25, 2013, “The True You Today. ENJOY the Experience!”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Writing

February 25, 2013

“The True You Today.  ENJOY the Experience!”

This is a day of heightened senses and reinterpretation of visceral body reactions to situations, environments, touch.

During a shower, allow the water to speak to you as it cascades down your form.  Draw the water over your chest and loins, draining damaged memories down the drain and replacing them with sensual sounds of life.  Walk with your feet bare and feel the crumbs on the floor crunch under your soles.  Breathe in the heat of the kitchen and the cold of the woods.  Allow yourself to be aware of clothes swishing across your form.

Most of all,

Notice that no matter what you have been through in your life or during this day,


The reaction is caused by ascension conditioning and amplified by deep stigmatic connections to resurrection and the magnetic pull of this magnificent moon.  Periodic sleepiness and hyper-attuned reactions to the day may prove to be more common place than not.  Making honest decisions that affect the true you are inspired through the bright elements of this day.

Upon waking today, you may have found yourself looking (more like inspecting) your limbs and body.  This is a reprogramming of your self-identifications.  As humans, human hybrids or while in human form, our minds can play tricks on how we see ourselves and others.  Matters of size, image and charisma push us artificially forward and backward.  We find it difficult to stand tall and strong saying, “THIS IS ME!” because when we do, other people have a tendency to collapse the truth that we are OK the way we are.

I have many clients from the business world.  Day in and day out, they crunch numbers and talk on the phone or write on their computers while dressed in navy business suits.  When I see them at my studio in the country, they show up in track pants, ripped jeans, favorite sweatshirts, fun skirts, and so on.  When looking at moving their lives forward, they take a trip into the woods and breathe (Some clients call it taking a trip into OZ).  The same people could be more productive working as they truly are, rather than wrapped up in a stagnating power costume of intimidation.


We are stimulated to look at who we are and how we function at the core of our existence.

We are reminded that,

No matter the costume,

We are all nude underneath.

The facades of our day dropped at about 7:30 am EST.  With this sense of accepting self-awareness, your level of communication is amplified.  If you ever wanted to feel what it was like to read someone else; to know what they are really about or saying, today is your day.  If you are a sensitive, then today you will gather greater understandings of the puzzles within which your opened boxes of pieces snugly fit.

This is not a day to be hard on yourself; this is a day to condition and be present.  Enjoy this day and your life within it.  By doing so, even the dark deceptions of existence will not stop glimpses of beautiful truth.

Today, we once again move one step forward.

I send you love.

Many Blessings,