The Auracature Art of Seeing and Healing


Hey Empaths (and Everyone Else) Psychic Sterling Sinclair Teaches How to Maximize Positive Energy and Healing by Establishing Your Personal Energetic Baseline. (This is the third most popular service Empathic Clients seek from SS).

Here is the Free YouTube Lesson

How to Stay Positive as an Empath and How Empathic People Get Sick! Psychic Sterling Sinclair Empath

Most of us live in busy societies. Not all wins are positive and not all losses are negative. It is nearly impossible to remove all negative energy influences.

We can’t easily dump every person in our lives who have even the remotest negative connection to someone or something. We tend to become alone and loneliness is an expression of negative energy.

So we need to learn how to navigate this reality by assessing and reassessing our +/- energies, as well as how sick and healthy we are. By following the steps in this presentation, each person – empath and non-empath, can determine their baseline and how much time they require to become healthy and stay there.

I have been working with clients for years. We assess the health/illness energy process and we repeatedly find ways of maximizing the positive energies and positive outcomes. This process, that uses this graph model, has proven to be very successful in the lives of my clients.

Next to Relationship guidance and Romance Enhancement, Maximizing Positive Healing Energies is the most common service my clients seek. Clients have found this so helpful and positively transformative in their lives that they choose weekly to yearly sessions. The Psychic Auracature Process is a unique Sterling Sinclair strategy that efficiently identifies influences when life can otherwise blur them from sight.

Take a look and give it a try. Comment on how it goes. We all learn and move forward together.

Stay Positive & Stay Well!

Love, Sterling.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair How to Draw with a Feather and Ink Auracature Style September 23, 2017

Psychic Sterling Sinclair How to Draw with a Feather and Ink Auracature Style September 23, 2017

No experience or artistic talent required. This is a fun introduction to drawing with a feather and ink Auracature style. Participants will take home their own art – drawn on a plaque to display. Limited spaces available. See you there, S 

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Volunteer Auracature Workshop III, October 29, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Volunteer Auracature Workshop III, October 29, 2016  
Below the new post office in Spring Brook Ontario on the Spring Brook Rd.  
Look for my Sterling Sinclair signs.  
10:00am to 4:00pm with a Pot Luck social time to follow if you can stay. 
New participants and previous volunteers welcome.  
Please let me know by checking “going” on the FB event or sending me an email.

Facebook Event
Please bring fine and ultra fine black sharpies (2 each if you can).  

$5.00 for paper supplies

A notebook or journal.  

A bag lunch 

And a drum if you have one. 

This workshop will examine drawing movements, breathing, music, and energy changes related to Auracature. Be prepared to draw with and without shoes and socks.  

We will continue to examine and practice posture and line draping. 

This will be an exciting workshop.  
The next workshop will be at the end of November – 3 day LVL 1 Auracature Certification. 

Many Blessings,