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About Me: Who is the Original Oracle Sterling Sinclair (Psychic, Medium, Indigenous Spirit Guide, Teacher of Empaths, Artist)

About Psychic Medium Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Auracature Artist & Spiritual Creative Counsellor


Sterling is an internationally followed and adored extreme Empath. His Auracature artworks are collected around the world. He created the art form “Auracature” (Psychic Art that Tells Your Story). He also created and extensively studied his “Spirit Type” personality inventory that aligns a person’s universal spirit with their early body. Sterling has begun offering teachings and wisdom for Empaths and Beginner Psychics and Mediums on his YouTube channel @sterlingsinclair

Sterling Sinclair YouTube Channel Link

This is one of his videos for Empath

Sterling and his Auracature drum are seldom far apart.  He is authentically kind, caring, and concerned for others. Through his boyish smile and hypnotically mesmerizing eyes (reflecting the mercurial swirling nature of the cosmos) he reaches out into this world as a friend to all. Within minutes, you’d swear that you have known each other for lifetimes.

Some Sterling’s fans, clients, and art collectors have compared him to Isaiah,  Edgar Casey, various shaman, a host of angels, and a true St. Clair blood descendant of Jesus Christ.  One longtime client and collector has described Sterling as:

 “A God who enjoys rolling around in the mud with the swine.” 

Sterling is Love and the true personification of Universal Magic.

His God(dess) anointed earthly mission is to guide people home while restoring creation and the people we were born to be.

He is NOT a street corner psychic. He is an Oracle.

College Video Project Capturing Moments in Sterling Sinclair’s Daily Life

Whatever comparison or description, Sterling lives in the now.  

He doesn’t assume the identities or acalades of such greatness held by others.  Although he is flattered by such references, he does not use such comparisons to distract him or to hold him up higher than others. He doesn’t even view that he is gifted.  

The following video is from 2015. Sterling is in the process of producing a 2019 video.

Video of Sterling Talking about Why He Does What He Does and Who He Is

All he knows about his abilities and divine connection is that he was born an extremely sensitive Empath.  Up until a few years back, he thought everybody was like him.  He was shocked when he was told otherwise. 

He has aspired to be an “everyday” guy his whole life.  As you can imagine, it hasn’t worked out that well for him.  He has not yet realized that aspiration. 

Sterling has come to be known as teacher and counsellor of Empaths and The Psychic’s Psychic.

 When you first meet him, you sense something tingly. When hugging him, you can feel all of your broken pieces warmly fall back into place.

The skills and energy he has are purely innate.  

He did not train to be a psychic healer.  He initially went to University to become a medical doctor and after a brief stint on a paliative care wing he focussed his studies on becoming a teacher and spiritual leader.

 You’d never expect what he can do, what he sees or what he knows until he forgets that you have not had the conversation yet…  

If you don’t understand, just visit with him, he has a habit of answering your questions before you ask them OR suddenly changing topic in conversation because your mind just went off course and thought it.  

Be assured that Sterling does not research you or gossip about you – it is him just being him.  

Auracature Page is his web page (being updated, thank you for your patience).

Sterling’s YouTube Channel for Empaths








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