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It’s Auracature not Auracture! Sterling Sinclair’s new “Healing” Auracature Art Collection’s BIG Saturday night Debut at Amandala’s in Peterborough get put in paper! Spelled Wrong! How funny is that!? Sept 28 2019

By the time this post was pit up, some edits were made. I am very thankful to the Examiner for running this story. I fond it humorous. That’s just how life can roll. No biggie ( I hope! LOL)

Spontaneous Art really Exists and it can be Beautiful too!

Please see the article. They did a beautiful job and did not distort how Auracature is spontaneous

by 4:00 my time on Sept 27, 2019, the Peterborough Examiner fixed the spelling. The link, due to obvious coding issues, I think remained with the previous spelling. I am happy that they tried their best to remedy the situation. Thanks!

My media rep called the paper and they were able to make some corrections. Not sure if the title can be corrected with out messing things up with the web link but they fixed some things. Nonetheless I commend them for the nerve to put “Spontaneous Art” in the title.

My Auracature Art Page shares how It is spontaneous.

That is me with Amanda – owner of Amandala’s Fine Dining Restaurant at 375 Water Street Peterborough, ON

Video of Sterling explaining “auracature, the “Healing” collection, spontaneity and the Big Big Premier Saturday Night at Amandala’s Peterborough

Gosh I sure am excited and WOW WOW WOW, does this look great and sing a song of love, warmth, hugs and healing. What Auracature is all about: Reminding Us that we are Beautiful, We are Loved, We are Not Alone, and We must NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

I am so thrilled with all of this – well not so much about the spelling error – I do it too and I made the word.

Sterling Sinclair’s Healing Auracature Art Collection Public Premier at Amandala’s Restaurant in Peterborough Ontario September 24 to 28, 2019


Sterling Sinclair

Creator of the Auracature Art Style and Process

For further information regarding my healing journey that inspired this collection and about how the week turned out:

Sterling Sinclair’s “Healing” Auracature Art Collection Exhibit and Sale Has Been Extended at Amandala’s Fine Dining Restaurant in Peterborough Ontario

If you missed the collection, Amandala’s has extended the show, due to a very positive reception and popular demand.  People are loving it..  Very Powerful. S

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