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WTH?  A miracle? Mysterious Woman’s Face Appears in Leg Rash.  Who is it?  Do you know?Sterling Sinclair’s Stigmatic Reactions Continue. Oct 30, 2017

WTH? A Miracle? Mysterious Woman’s Face Appears in Leg Rash.  Who is it? Do You Know?  Sterling Sinclair’s Stigmatic Reactions Continue. Oct 30, 2017  
This morning, October 30, 2017, at about 8:30 am Toronto time, I felt a terrible bite or snip behind my left knee. It stung like some spider bites do.  A couple hours later, it was still really sore and had become itchy.  I was then inspired by my guides to photograph the rash becsuse I could not see it.  I got a family member to take the pic. I laid down on the studio sofa and pulled up my pantleg (as seen the photo above).  As soon as I saw the strange geometric shape of the red rash I was inspired to look at it more closely. I could not believe my eyes. 

I took my pants off to inspect my leg and the inside of my pants. Like, was there something in my pantleg that would have caused shuch a shape?  No!   

So as I looked at the rash more closely, this is what I saw:

Do you see it?  Can you see the face in the bottom of the left corner of the rash?

Here are some labeled photos. 

Who is this? What does she/he/they want?  Is this an introduction? 

The truth of who or what this is will likely never find a definitive, factual identification but it is really cool. 

Seeing the photos made me think of the man who made a piece of toast and when he took it out from being toast, there before him was a portrait of Jesus Christ charred into the slice of toast.  

Video: Portrait of Jesus Christ Appears on a Slice of Toast
This isn’t the first thing like this to happen to me.  I used to ooze from bumps in my hands/wrists every Good Friday.  For many, many years, one bump on each hand would progressively grow during Lent and by Easter Monday Morning, they would be totally healed. For at least 20 years, I manifested the crucifixion story.  My stigmatic reaction to Lent would both anger me and freak me out. Why did I have to reveal the nail wounds that JC recieved at His crucifixion story is told?  Was it simply my reaction to the overwhelmingly vast Christian rituals related to the crucifixion story?  I pleaded for help on this blog.  About 15 healers contacted me and they somehow stopped my reaction.  It has been a few years now that my hands do not weep as they did. Wow, I am sure grateful. 

About 5 years ago over a 20 day period of time during January, I recieved a forehead scar that progressively grew from my right eyebrow up into my hairline (which receided as the scar appeared).  I’d wake every morning and this perfectly healed and faded scar appeared longer and longer like a tree sapling reaching for the sun.  Now over the last 5 weeks, the scar has been extending into my hairline.  It is like it is pushing my hair out of the way.  Yes, I am rappidly losing hair.  

Although this is a poor photo, you can see how the scar is from some kind of cut at least through my facial muscles.  

Just imagine trying to go to sleep afraid that something is manifesting the scar or someone is surgically cutting you while you sleep.  Dreams and fantasies are one thing.   Not recalling any dreams and waking up to fully healed scars is another. 

When I was younger, especially from 17 to 35 years old, I would frequently wake up with bleeding or scabbed perfect geometric shapes in my skin. Sometimes, they were little dots like needle pokes that formed the shapes.  In 1995, 2 bumps / marks began to festor.  I dug out a metal chip.  I cut the pimple like sores and out came a flat black metalic chip about 2-3mm square.  

There are many theories about these happenings.  The most popular reasons relate to extraterrestrial manipulation and experimentation.  But there remains no deffinitive answer. 

My life is never boring and is seldom representative of the stereotypical human life.  

I wonder what will show up next.  

Much Love, S