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Psychic Sterling Sinclair – USA Election and WWIII, Oct 17, 2016 

Psychic Sterling Sinclair – USA Election and WWIII, Oct 17, 2016 
WWIII and the 2016 American Election

Over the last 12 years, I have received hundreds and hundreds of channels from Source. They have predicted many happenings including the eventuality of a 3rd world war.   

In those channels, they have shown a president with back skin connected to mounting huge debt and a white woman with her finger on the RED BUTTON holding two missile keys.  

The collapse of the once “great” USA has been shown like the fall of Rome. “The time has come” – has been written time and time again regarding this collapse. 

Unwilling to accept this outcome as fate – a destined nightmare that we cannot avert – I have prayed and drawn and recorded multiple channels that state 2 things:

1/ To rebuild a stronger USA and to avert war – a president from outside the traditional political stream – an independently wealthy president running as independent with exceptional business skills – would be needed. 

2/ Direct spiritual intervention during the rise of the second sun and with the guidance of the second Son. Deliberate spiritual direction channeling the change in direction of destructive energies. “He walks with you now – Watch as the second sun rises.”

By taking the route of #2, the issue of number one, will look after itself. 

If you have been upset with me for posting things such as this – this is why I have posted. I tried to disbelieve the divine channels too. But the prophecies continue to be true. 

Could Trump be considered an independent? That is difficult to say. He is running as a Republican but it seems that the GOP are distancing themselves from him as though he is being made into an Independent before our eyes. Maybe the independent candidate is no longer running for presidency – that, I have not been shown. 

I am personally not a supporter of any party in the USA and if I was given the chance, I’d vote for an independent candidate or the Green Party. So please understand that my posts are not for or against Trump or Clinton – they are in relationship to averting full out WWIII and my pre-Obama channels pretty closely depicting this election during the ramp to war. 

If I have any American friends left out there willing to read this post, I beg of you to do your research into your candidates and vote with this one major question on your minds, “What candidate is most likely to seek out further working relations with Russia, China and/or North Korea rather than going to war against them in the next 4 years?” When you find that answer, vote for that person. 

This is a world concern – not simply one of one country. My heart goes out to all of you. 

I pray that WWIII is averted. 

Much love, S

8 responses

  1. Carla

    Thank you Sterling for your reply .


    10/17/2016 at 6:48 pm



    10/17/2016 at 6:46 pm

    • Elisa, thank you for writing in. I am hearing this same sentiment more and more over the last 3 weeks at least. As we know, momentum is everything in an election. It will be an exciting rollercoaster ride to the finish. S


      10/17/2016 at 6:51 pm

  3. Carla

    Sterling I have been sick over this whole election.I worry for my daughters future and her future children ,with all the emails that have been leaked.I don’t understand how one government can be so courrupt . I feel that one man can’t fix is country by himself with so many evil people in this world that want to destroy it. Do you see many chance that Trump will win this election.i pray and pray dear Lord. Thank you,


    10/17/2016 at 3:18 pm

    • This question remains of interest. I have been too afraid to even look or purposefully inquire. However, a golden haired young man repeatedly appears stepping out of Trump in the visions that break through. It is this young man who has the power of positive change for the American people. When Hillary was First Lady, the visions then showed her as president – as though Bill was her public representative. The presidency was paved for her long ago. So this is what drives my question – is the horror show we see as the media represented Donald Trump really the young blond man with glowing energy? There is something that also breaks through: the polls are wrong. Clinton’s popularity for being president is far lower. My guides have been swirling as they keep showing me evidence of this. An example is that Trump has the most small donations (20-60 bucks) than any other candidate and it appears that donations from every day citizens are increasing. Where as Clinton’s donations from citizens appears far less even though the rich and special interest groups and businesses have donated huge amounts of money. The logic here suggests that if the American people truly do put their money where their mouth is Trump has more voter support than Clinton in the USA for this election. With all this said, multiple other dreams show that Trump has a real chance of becoming president and that publicity has people worried and worried people often give up and don’t vote. If I was a Trump campaign adviser, which I am not – nor a supporter, I would advise them this: “Make it known that Trump for President of the USA is within reach. We need your vote in this very close race. Let’s avert war and restore America’s greatness.” If the Trump campaign can convince the voters that it is a very possible reality, the visions of the blond glowing man as the one to vote for, becomes the Trump I keep seeing appear out of the darkness. Carla, I am sorry for the absence of a clear answer in the above reflection. Evidence suggests that it is a real possibility that Trump will be president if supporters do indeed get out to vote and do not buy into the propagandized media misrepresentation of him and his chances. I hope that is helpful. S


      10/17/2016 at 3:41 pm

      • Vicki

        You are right on, your readers should look at Trump’s comments vs Hillary’s on David Oates revers speech you tube. Reverse speech is widely used but not spoken about by forensic police.


        10/17/2016 at 7:58 pm

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