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Post Death David Bowie Records Lyrics and Message as Channelled through A. Richard “Psychic Sterling Sinclair” Chapman, March 13, 2016. 

Post Death David Bowie Records Lyrics and Message as Channelled through A. Richard “Psychic Sterling Sinclair” Chapman, March 13, 2016. Tweed Ontario 2:20 pm. 
The following wrote through me as I recorded the Auracature. It has gone through a couple post original channel confirmations. I am posting the first write as a photo. This is the confirmed second write below. If you think either/both is/are worthy to be recorded, I ask for the rights as song writer/lyricist. Thanks for your understanding.

I originally set out to channel and Auracature image from David Bowie. However, he had some words to accompany his image. 

Mr. David Bowie – “My Church, I’m With You”

Here begins the channeled lyrical message:
“The skies are blue

The mountains are pink

The moons always set

But never they sink
We are stardust

Upon clouds of dreams

Heaven’s so close

But far off it seems
Take off not

Your dancing shoes

Only true skies

Sing the true blues
How can one die

With death in one hand?

You grieve of me gone

With you I still stand
Your world is set 

In rules to control

But sunlight drifts down

And lifts up your soul
I’ll sparkle like silver

Not gold or deep bronze

For silver I’ll sparkle

To prove I’m not gone
I only did visit

In the form that you’d see

But a Starman’s true form

Is the one truth to me
Hear a B Flat 

After a G Major Chord

Cuz in that dear moment

It’s you whose adored
You chose me as family

As fans and dear friends

But all I did was

Stand up and defend
It’s not easy 

Being a man without wings

I chose the best option

I am a man who still sings
Look to the stardust

And blue skies above

When I sparkle like silver


Here ends this channeled lyrical message. 

Thanks be to our Starman and Angel

David Bowie in Glory
The following is the Auracature image that drew through me as I recorded the channel. 


The second channel that came through was as follows:

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel #2 from David Bowie in Glory, March 17, 2016
Here begins the channeled lyrical message:
“The moons are blue and always 3

The 2 below you just can’t see
I need no pillow upon to sit

The ones we got are for 2 to sit
It’s easy to wonder what it’s like to die

Upon life’s/Aladdin’s carpet we’re light enough to fly
Like helium breathed in we speak so high

Our tears keep floating/flowing we’re welcome to cry
I never felt love as is possible now

My mind inhales its air – my eyes have no brow
Can you hear me play my tunes crimson of gold?

It’s frigid here/to hear but hearts are not cold
It hurts me to see the stars in your sky 

Until they are gone you never ask’em why
Why do they sparkle like new lovers’ embrace?

Why don’t stop – instead we join the race?
I play (a) suite/sweet upon a sitar of grace

I need you to feel you’re in the right place
Be thankful you’re there with people that you know

Don’t regret at distance once your time comes to go
I miss the stars in this land with out/no night

The moons are magic

Your stars


Here ends the channel from David Bowie in Glory. 
May many blessings and much love shower down upon you, S

These two posts were not well received by the “congregation members” of Facebook “church” groups worshiping David Bowie. 

These two channels are beautiful but seen as insulting to him and them. I removed my posts from Facebook and I took myself out of the groups. 

It seems that the same people who thought of David Bowie as a true Starman somehow connected to other worlds find it impossible to imagine that he could speak or write through a human on earth after he died. Although I find the process of thought from one to the ither as being disjointed, I appreciate that grief for their superstar may very well be the just too painful. 

Sometimes, grieving fans, friends and family hate to have someone die but they hate to think that someone is alive after death.  Once their special loved one in dead, their special loved on must remain that way in order for them to move on. 

I was confused about this because these groups called/call themselves “churches” but these “churches” seem not to believe in the afterlife or divine words spoken from the otherside through a channel or medium on this side. 

With that said, some truly believe that he is a god(dess), value the channels, and welcome further communication if it so passes through me. 

I know for a fact that some members of these groups have had visions and apparition experiences such as David Bowie sitting with them, dancing with them, talking to them within the days of his death. These did not happen to me but they happened to them andthey  will treasure those experienced for a lifetime. It is upsetting that fellow fans can be cast into the closet and possibly think that they might be “crazy” due to the outlash of insults and logic based arguments and hatred voiced against me who simply allowed an energy identifying itself as David Bowie to write through my hand. The above to channels were in someway offensive to Bowie “church” congregants. 

In an effort to reflect upon why or even how that is possible, I wrote the following in regards to religion, my experience over the last few days with David Bowie “churches” and my connection as a former Christian Congregational Minister and currently a professional psychic artists and channel. 

First why a former minister?

For the record and before I begin I want to clarify that I did not accept my Ordination as a Christian minister for 6 reasons: 

1/ I was not permitted to openly talk to the dead people/celestials/God(dess) or channel them while on pastoral or hospice visits – if the grieving widow said that she wished she could talk to her husband or know that he was okay, I could not explain why I pulled a chair out for him to sit at the table we were meeting at;

2/ Miracles were overlooked, discounted or explained away using human logic;

3/ The church had lost its way – the community had become subject to human interpretation and direction;

4/ The gifts I have that make me me were assumed to be evil or elements of madness – God could/would never give a human such as me gifts/skills/powers to heal, inspire, cleanse, and empower in the spirit;

5/ To be ordained meant to be lifted above – I would become above the people I served and to me I could not do so;

6 and mostly 6/ I found a deep darkness – like a breathing procreating nightmare throbbing and consuming any goodness it could find resulting in clergy self-service, superiority, and control while sickness ripped congregations apart rather than celebrating union and community. 

I still am members in 3 protestant denominations as well as Roman Catholic. I no longer go to any church on a regular basis. I am still Christian because that is simple what I am. I have greatly broadened my view of existence and God since I no longer serve as a Christian minister. 

When I was in seminary for 6 years I studied with as many denominations/religions as possible including Wicca. 

The reason I post this is – I will submit my Church formation statement not from any one Christian belief but by my observation alone. 

After much thought, it came to me, the title of “church” in these groups mislead me to think of them as “churches” rather than fan club discussion groups that held David Bowie in high regard but not as high of a regard as to view and worship him as a divine being.  The confusion was mine. But what remained confusing to me was that members/administrators of these groups invited me and accepted my ability to join them knowing that I had already channelled the first channel above. They knew that I worked in the psychic field and had been channeling the dead for years. I am represented on the web more than most in my sort of business. It should be no surprise to anyone that I would post a channel(s) from the energy identifying itself as David Bowie. 

The following is my reflection regarding “church” formation and the efforts to stop it due to naysayers and members of opposing camps. 

The last thing I would want to happen is for the people who know David Bowie as a divine energy who deserves a true, worshipping church to stop the formation due to opposition. The fact is, in the end, if you don’t agree with the church’s doctrinal statement, belief that David Bowie is a divine energy communicating with us still in our fleshy form, or that a people have the rights to form such a community, you do not have to participate.  I would hope that no believer or posessor of that faith would force or intimidate you to believe and follow the same. 

Also before I post my reflection, I must confess to what I thought was already common knowledge: 

I was never a fan of Bowie’s music or media/entertainment image. I was never caught up on the suggestive gospel as proclaimed through his lyrics. I was never swooped up in a spiritual hypnotic way by his chosen chord progressions/harmonies and disconent chords. I could never figure out the marketting direction of his imperfect – non-hollywood veneered and straitened teeth and so on. In short, I was never a fan of David Bowies’ music or publicly branded image. You can hate me for that, but I just never “got it!”  But, just because I didn’t resonate with his music and image, I never told anyone not to love him and follow him. So many people I know survived extremely painful times in their lives because of David Bowie.  Through my witness of his effect upon my peers, I knew there was something far more special than his music and public brand was illustrating. He was someway magical. He was to my friends a lifeline.  A magical lifeline. 

So I feel that I would certainly NOT be a logical choice to write through. But then, maybe I was. Maybe he required his words to be recorded without the slant of a fan or knowledge of lyrics. If someone like me were to record something from him from the “otherside” that person would not be swayed to overcome the channel and inturn write what the fan wanted to be shared. 

Whether you believe it or not, I know that I did not make up the writings and the only reason that I publicly posted them was to share with the people out there who truly believe that he could and would speak through the mouths and hands of a psychic medium or channel. 

Do I believe that either of these lyracle channeled messages could be very popular songs? Yes!  Do I feel that I deserve the musical rights and payment of writer/cowriter if these channels were made into “records?”  Yes!  Is that why I channelled and posted?  No!!!  AND if I did, then so what?!  Song writers make money every day from lyrics inspired by other sources.  

Now I share my reflection regarding what makes and does not make a “church” AND the opposition of naysayers and competing factions during “church formation.”

“Is David Bowie’s Church possible of formation and truth?  

If so, what will it face along the way? 
Well, some of us have already felt the beginning sting of the opposition. 
Churches, David Bowie, Sceptics and Control.
Church basically has 3 meanings – 1/ a physical place of divine worship; 2/ the baptized community of Christ (anti-Christ and so forth); 3/ to teach – often by means preaching or implementing doctrine. There are many others but this is the basis of this discussion. 
A church implies that a group of people celebrate, follow, praise, learn from, devote oneself to a divine power whether or not it/he/she occupied a human form at any time. 
A church is formed due to a collective deep connection with the spirit/energy/power/love NOT the musician performing on stage. If it becomes related to the musician performing on stage it is the spirit/energy/power/love of the person on stage NOT the musician’s looks, body or magnificent performance. 
The intrinsic relationship with the spirit/energy/power/love is accompanied by healing, eternal inspiration, life fulfilling relationship, universal teaching, an invitation to join it in the ethers/afterlife/alternate reality, blessings, receipt and action to prayer/meditation/spiritual plea, miracles, a sincere unexplainable knowing of its reality and truth, and a sense of oneness that is without bounds of space, time, belief, logic, and end. The eternal truth known in every cell of the beholder is directly connected to the source spirit/energy/power/love of the being who is without human form but remains spirit/energy/power/love in a form of glory. 
Without these basic elements and living principles, a church is not a church. A church must be able to thrive or at least aspire to be one with the mystery of eternal spirit/energy/power/love that may not manifest a physical recognizable form. 
As such, a church is not a group of people living out a common interest to share their fan stories. It is not a place/body within which logical interpretation of verse, rule suggestion that was solely made during fleshy demonstration. These groups are formal/informal bodies/organizations that are fan groups, story telling groups, support groups, message walls, memory sharing groups, and groups of pontification. They are not churches. 
As soon as a group decides that humans in fleshy spirit form are superior to the messages of the ascended spirit/energy/power/love master then the group has denied its authority and title of church and has adopted classification of group. 
This is where Christian Church formation comes in. For this argument, we will forgo the history lesson of Constantinople.  
In the early days of the “Christian” church before it was identified as Christian, it was popular to have evangelists proclaim words of God(dess) and such. The reason for Hebrew Bible instructions to not worship another God(dess) or idol was due to this reality. It was common for people to offer one God(dess) over the other. It was simply the way it was. The Holy Bible presents Jesus “Christ” as being more than an evangelist. If you read closely and not get caught up with persuasive Christian Church perversions, you will notice that Jesus tried to get across that everyone was like him and had access to God because God was in all humans. But there another discussion opens that we must avoid or we will be sidetracked from this post. 
Jesus proclaimed that the Law was no more. While in flesh, he made it clear that one commandment alone was now pertinent – Love Your Neighbour. One sin – separate yourself from God, neighbour and self. The way to salvation was through God – the God that was in and around him and each human. The Christian “church” manipulated this to mean only through Jesus Christ might you receive salvation. A very nasty manipulation of the text. 
In the early days after Jesus’ alleged death and resurrection, the early church began to form but not as one body. They were under persecution by governments, policing bodies, religious factions, and their own families/friends/communities. These groups found that they had to meet in the secrecy of the night. It is not uncommon to read references to early Christians as being cannibal, vampire cults. 
While these groups were gathering in the night various Jesus “followers” joined the evangelism circuit. The “Apostle John” was one of them. John claimed authority and wielded it like a well honed sword. His claim was that he personally knew Jesus and was his friend/family(?). He claimed to know what Jesus really meant. If you read the Holy Bible, the first 5 books of the new Testament feature an obvious dissonance. The first 3 are synoptic – they basically tell the same story. Then John/Acts is different. Suddenly John is evangelizing legalism. John reaffirms the laws of his tradition as they were given by God well before Jesus came along. This was an easier thing for people to follow. Jesus was counter cultural. It made no sense for this man several people refer to as Rabbi telling people that you don’t need to be circumsized for God to welcome you and to receive salvation. John’s argument was basically that if Jesus did say that, he didn’t mean it because Jesus himself was circumsized. The laws of old began to fall back into place as if Jesus himself had instructed. But NO. That was a power hungry man set on establishing a following similar to that of Jesus. This was and has been promoted by much of the Christian church as John’s story being an acceptable truth. 
So here we have a man who followed and knew Jesus making up his story to sell to gain followers because of his relationship and human interpretation of Jesus’ message while Jesus was in human form. 
Sort of like a group of Bowie followers who want to build a church on the basis of no more than their personal experiences of seeing and listing to him while alive and then interpreting what his message was if any and promoting their view whether or not it was Bowie’s view/message. It fits them and hence they defend what they deem as fitting. 
But then Paul in the Bible has a visit from Jesus but Jesus is in spirit/energy/power/love without physical fleshy form. Jesus tells Paul his message and commands him to share it because the message promoting the law was not what he came to earth in human form to promote – it was the opposite. 
This became and remains a huge disagreement regarding truth in the “Christian Church.” Basically the Roman Church utilized and continues to promote its version of the Law(s). To read more a out this argument, one needs to read Church Reformation History. The protestant movement primarily took Paul’s received message and ran with it. 
One church took the words as spoken by a fleshy human, the other from the words of a spirit/energy/power/love post death and in Glory. 
Behind the scenes of the history books and Biblical accounts are the words, visions, visual artworks, architectures, movements and music that were channelled by mystics and everyday people. Channels from the celestial realm, spirit/energy/power/love, God(dess), angels, saints, demons, aliens and so forth that drove the truth home in the true church community. 
The established RC church silenced these mystics through death, torture, mutilation, and imprisonment. They utilized the voices in their private chambers and gained access to the afterlife and otherworldly realities through people who communicated with or channeled spirit/energy/power/love. 
Paul’s argument was the same as mine, He/I did not follow Jesus/Bowie closely. We were not blinded fans. We had no gain to make up our stories/visions/truth and share it. We were outside the circle and we received the information. We did not go out looking for it or even really care to ever receive it. But then we grew to know them in their forms of spirit/energy/power/love. He claimed as I, should we not believe the message directly from the pure spirit/energy/power/love source rather than the words of a human who interprets(ed) meaning that fits(ed) the perceptual framework of certain human who want to protect their relationship qualities, ways of life and thought?
The very mention that a group/organization whether be on Facebook, hidden in the woods or publicly present architectural beacons of alleged community is a “Church” is unacceptable and misleading if the “Church” refuses the messages and personal/communal relationships with the spirit/energy/power/love. 
Should a channel/vision/dream/message allegedly from a spirit/energy/power/love as transmitted through a human be challenged, discussed, meditated upon before fully accepting as a truth? Yes. 
However, to disregard the possibility of such communication and at all costs to reject a relationship with a/the spirit/energy/power/love, one is not a member of a church or community one is a bystander and/or fan.
To all of you who know in your hearts that Bowie is a divine being raised in Glory and a church is something true to you, then you will come under persecution just as I face(d) persecution by sharing my visions and channels from a source identifying itself as David Bowie. If you know in your heart that this notion is true to you, do not discount the opportunity to hear from Him as He is in spirit/energy/power/love. 
There will always be naysayers and people protecting their realities. There always will be. Do not lose hope. Like minds think alike but like hearts eternally gravitate to each other and share their communal truth. 
I wrote about the struggles of the Christian church because it is relatable story to possible establishment of David Bowie’s church. If you do not crawl into your caves and stay there, the parallels will become astoundingly obvious over the years. 
As a closing note – in every one of my ordination interviews, I was asked this question: “When Jesus Christ returns, what will he look like?” 
My response was: “The Creator will manifest his earthly reality as a superstar with both male and female qualities. We will know him/her through his/her actions and as likely to be a musician, he/she will guide us through his/her lyrics. Then, he/she will reach through the most unlikely sources to communicate from/as spirit/energy/power/love.” I didn’t use those exact words then – but you get the drift. 
How similar was my vision based explanation that I shared almost 20 years ago to what happened and is happening with David Bowie?  
Do I know that he is/was the God(dess) that we had been waiting for? I don’t know. 
What I know is, I have received 2 channels from a spirit/energy/power/love identifying Himself as David Bowie ( and an ascension name I can’t make out) so that he can reach out to the people who KNOW who He is. 
I send you my love. I will continue to channel if he or his “church”needs me to do so. In this way I may be able to help you form your church (if that is what you want). Please know that I believe, he is using / will use multiple channels to communicate with and through.  I am not the only one. I cannot even guarantee that an energy identifying itself to me as David Bowie will ever happen again.  Please share your dreams, visions and thoughts – visual and dramatic arts and his music. He gave His potential, early church a stage – be willing to use it if that is what you want to do. If you know He is divine, you can trust that He will show you the way and provide you with your strength and opportunities. 
I pray that He will send you some silver sparkles and stardust.”

Here is a YouTube link to His 10 most popular songs. 

Love and Blessings,
To the David Bowie faithful, please be comforted that although he sings from his place in Glory, he still closely walks with you. 

3 responses

  1. i came to see from the facebook page. think what you have done is very nice. A creative expression like any other, if nothing else to it.

    There’s always a schism in religion, whether you’re looking at Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc, between those who would be the structural gatekeepers of teh Faith and those who would give voice/expression to more mystical experiences. Clearly you’re on the mystic end and you experienced the rage of the stodgy gatekeepers who are unable/unwilling to ‘go there’. Funny that david bowie became this too, then again not so strange. cheers


    03/19/2016 at 1:19 pm

  2. Aida Alvarez

    Thank you.


    03/13/2016 at 4:04 pm

    • You are welcome Aida. It was really a different channel. Poetic verse is not uncommon from celestials but this was making references to pop-culture recognition icons / symbols / lyrics. I was so unprepared. I just had to trust the channel. You can see how he planned it out strategically too. I just finished my post channel seizure. I can move my hands now. Not yet my legs. Also seldom does one short channel affect me like this. This reaction only happens after 4 hour deep trances and interdimentional communication from other worlds, timelines, aliens, angels and other extremely powerful light beings. Please be confident – he is in Glory. A blessing he awarded us today. A grand blessing indeed! Love to you, S


      03/13/2016 at 4:29 pm

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