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Sterling Sinclair Illustrates His Psychic Art Process He Coined Auracatures Feb 2, 2016

Sterling Sinclair Illustrates His Psychic Art Process He Coined Auracatures Feb 2, 2016  
The following 2 videos are illustrations of me drawing the Auracatures. All of the images that I have posted, whether artistic or regarding disasters and missing persons, have been drawn in this manner. I am frequently asked if I see the picture in my head before drawing it. The truth is, I am as surprised by the image as the viewer. I have mo idea what it will look like until it is finished. 

The following video is of me reading a message that was written around the page as the image was recorded. The messages happen 2 ways, the line will draw and then stop and a series of words will automatically write on the page or Words will suddenly appear in my head. Most commonly, the words are automatically written by me around the page. 

This is what a typical message looks like when it is recorded while I am drawing an Auracature. 
The following links to provide a background to Auracature creation.

I took a break from offering these Auracature and Spirit-Type services due to health issues. Now that my health has recovered, I am offering these psychic art services and have added traditional and alternative counselling services.  

My psychic art /reading site is and my counselling site is 
Please contact me if I can be of service: 

Psychic art / reading and for counselling,
May you receive many blessings, 

Richard “Sterling Sinclair” Chapman

B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Div., OCT

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