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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Russian Plane Crash November 11, 2015

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Russian Plane Crash

November 11, 2015

Do I have images that illustrate the happenings of the tragic crash?

Is ISIS really responsible?

Is this a retaliatory action against Russia?

Dear friends, please accept my apologies for not yet having the images.

My nephew died around the same time as the crash.  Therefore, I was responsible for family care.

Also, as you can imagine, for me screening out this “crash” has been difficult while sorting out my nephew’s death and retrieving his spirit.  Believe me, one death can be as disturbing to my visions as hundreds when it happens to a loved one.

I hope to be posting soon.

One thing I would like to mention is, I picked up the energy disturbance when MH370 disappeared.  We noticed from the drawings that Russia would be the enforcer or antagonist as the world marched toward world war III.  Now after the time has passed, the Americans a seemingly ineffective in battles in the East and Russia has decided to do what Russia does – flex muscle.  So maybe, the drawings suggesting MH370 was involved as the the plane disappearing in 1938 was a sign of WWII may be more true than we thought.  Refugee crises are parallel as well.  We shall see as the days progress.

I shall post soon.



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