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The French Mirage Fighter Jets Did Not Shoot Down Germanwings A320 4U 9525 in the French Alps – Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art, March 30, 2015

The French Mirage Fighter Jets

Did Not Shoot Down

Germanwings A320 4U 9525 in the French Alps

Oracle Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Auracature Art

March 30, 2015 

I know, I know…

Many of you are like – “WTF?!  Come on Sterling, you’ve gone too far.”

Well, I’m just the messenger here.

Take a look.

This is the Auracature image of why the planes were there:

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 French Mirage Fighter Jets 1


Few things beat a magnificent diversion like 2 Mirage Fighter Jets flying overhead just moments after a plane parishes over a mountain top.

Well F-18s would be quite a site or better yet Tupolev Tu-160 or the Northrop Grumman b-2 Spirit.

Nonetheless, still enough to impress onlookers and to ensure that if the plane were to hit a village the planes could take it out.

But did the planes take it out?

That is the question.

It appears that a third plane was there before the two Mirage jets.

I say two because I keep seeing to in my visions and some eyewitnesses say they saw two, not one like the French officials claim.

“Yves Aubin told MailOnline: ‘I saw the plane out of the corner of my eye and I heard the sound of an aircraft passing low overhead. The next minute there was a terrible noise.

‘At first, I thought it was a landslide, an avalanche, we have a lot of them here.

‘A few minutes after that, I saw two military jets fly overhead, Mirage fighters. I thought it was not normal.'”


So what does the Auarcature suggest?

The Auarcature suggests that a 3rd plane,  One unrelated to the 2 French Mirage Jets, was there and preceded them.

It does not appear to have any connection with France in my visions.

It was a target locator.

It provided a target by geolocating the plane for accuracy and possibly setting off an explosion just before the plane was hit with the secret weapon.

So were there reports of another plane that preempted the arrival of the Mirage jet(s)?

I thought I read of such a thing, but I cannot find the link.

I know this sounds really wild but, setting off flairs and bombs and heat signatures for targeting bombs in not something unheard of.

Whoever”they” are knew that there was a great likelihood of the plane being blown out of the sky.

Messed up or what?!

Were the Mirage fighters given the green light to shoot it down?  The energy is about 85% (if a % can be given) pointing toward YES.

Did they? 95% energy points to “no.”  So if they did and this Auracature is wrong, they did a great job of covering their tracks energetically.

However, the finger points to a cooperation of forces and a “secret weapon” – a CERN inspired mess up, a HELLADS orchestrated event or otherwise.

I hope to get further psychic information regarding this issue in the days to come.

God Help us all.

L, S




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