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Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 Crash – Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Disbelief that Co-pilot Purposely Crashed the Plane – Growing Evidence Points In One Direction – NATO War Games – The American HELLADS Kills them All and Shuts Down Holland. You decide! March 29, 2015

Oracle Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Disbelief that Co-pilot Purposely Crashed the Plane

Growing Evidence Points In One  Direction

NATO War Games

The American HELLADS Kills them All and Shuts Down Holland.

You decide!  

March 29, 2015

There is more to this story than will ever meet the eye and in the West more than we will ever be told.

But as we sit on the brink of WWIII nuclear war NATO’s war games put civilians in harms way.

In this case, the very likely downing of Gemanwings 9525.

I am just following this now.

Sorry for being late.

I will draw tomorrow and dig for more research.

This following statement triggered me:

“A new report released by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) today states that President Barack Obama became so enraged upon learning that a NATO forces “war game” on Tuesday downed Germanwings Flight 9525 over southern France, killing all 150 aboard, he shockingly refused to meet this Western alliances top commander, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg despite repeated requests to do so. The NATO war game shootdown of Germanwings Flight 9525 (US Laser Test Destroys Germanwings Airliner Killing 150 Innocent Civilians) the Ministry of Defense (MoD) had previously reported was due to a failed US Air Force test of its HELLADS,”

Then this statement:

Although no one can confirm 100% that story, it is worth to consider it very carefully, because it is not the first time that the US use peoples and nations as lab rats (from the Middle East and Ukraine up in South America, through far East and Africa, are evidence as in this note stated.”

Then this statement:

“To what caused Germanwings Flight 9525 to be so thoroughly destroyed, this report says, was first evidenced on 3 February when a US Air Force test of their High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System targeting one of their older weather system satellites completed obliterated it by heating it from within causing to it explode while in orbit.

However, MoD experts in this report say, chemical laser systems, such as the US Air Forces High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System which brought down Germanwings Flight 9525, and nearly crashed Lufthansa Flight LH1172, are notoriously known for being extremely difficult to aim at long range targets as their “effects” tend to spread throughout the atmosphere affecting anything and everything in their path.

And to the exact scenario causing the destruction of Germanwings Flight 9525 yesterday, these MoD experts continue, was a combined Western alliance attempt to target a “test re-entry vehicle” simulating a Federation nuclear warhead attack upon them yesterday.”

Then this that I wondered about:

One minute before Germanwings 9525 crashed, it was 4000 feet above the mountains.  (although number calculations may be off, the plane plummeted).

Then I saw:

A similar decent by Lufthansa Airbus 321 on May 14, 2013 simulate a similar descent as 9525.  But they did not crash.  It was allegedly caused by an electrical interference caused by HELLADS.

But when I read:

“According to this MoD report, the Northern Fleet, which is already on full combat alert, was alerted to this incident yesterday by the Severomorsk submarine chaser, currently operating in the Mediterranean, who reported that widespread atmospheric electrical anomalies over southern France, western Italy and southwestern Switzerland were being detected. The area where these detections were made by the Severomorsk, this report notes, also happens to be the combat operational area of the US Air Forces 510th Fighter Squadron operating out of the Aviano Air Base in Italy.”

And then:
“A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today claims that the failed 24 March US Air Force test of its High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) that was attempting to shoot down a simulated Federation nuclear warhead, which resulted in the downing of Germanwings Flight 9525 killing all 150 aboard, was attempted again on Friday, 27 March, but this time resulted in the catastrophic shutdown of the electrical grid in Northern Holland, including Amsterdam. ”

I thought, Holy Hell, this is really happening.

And then Holland loses power and air traffic is interrupted today.

“Large areas of the Netherlands have been left without electricity. The north of the country has been mainly affected, with the Dutch electricity network operator saying the outage has been caused by a power grid overload.”

During these tests.

I never thought the co-pilot drove that plane to commit murder suicide.  I don’t even know if the person they are showing was on the plane.

However, this series of events and media flowing from other countries seems to be all too coincidental.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

Take a read of these articles and posts and make up your own mind.

Remember, the Western media and the world’s appetite to lynch the alleged co-pilot has been overwhelmingly convincing for many people.

But I grow in fear.

Just before MH370 vanished, I predicted WWIII happening and face ridicule then.

I’m sure I will face it again.

But God help us all – this is WWIII training, arm flexing and Nuclear nightmares befalling us as most of the world sleeps.

Don’t fall asleep.

Stay Safe.

L, S

My first post about the crash was on the day of the crash, this is the link to the post.  At the bottom of the post is a collection of links to my other posts.

Thanks for your understanding,

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art: Germanwings A320 4U 9525 Crash – Do Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz and Pilot Patrick Sonderheimer Exist? Where are the photos? Where is the proof?

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art:

Germanwings A320 4U 9525 Crash

Do Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz and Pilot Patrick Sonderheimer Exist? 

Where are the photos? 

Where is the proof?

March 29, 2015

I must be missing something or cannot search the internet or media well enough OR this is like a War of the Worlds episode and nothing is real.

What the Hell is going on?

Who really is Andreas Lubitz and what proof is there that he was flying the plane when it went down?  Is he even a pilot?  If so, where is the proof?  Just because news reports say so does not make it true.  Where are the photos of him becoming a pilot?  The story is that it was his life-long dream.

Who is this girlfriend with no pictures on the web without being blurred out?  Who is she?  This was a young couple allegedly about to be married and now I read that she was a school teacher.  Well, where are the selfies, LinkedIn profiles, and pictures of being at the bar together or sitting in the class with students?  Where is there any photo of the two of them together that illustrates partners about to be married?

Allegedly, according to the Telegraph (lol) the un-named English and math teacher of Krefeld’s Gesamtschule Kaiserplatz was expecting his baby.  Oh yes, you heard it and read this shit here.  Allegedly, the “Headteacher Jochen Adrian did not return calls for comment.” – Now look at the name: Jochen Adrian – Joking Adrian – Joking Adrean – Adrean’s Joking – Andreas Joke… Could be just a coincidence.  Do you believe in coincidences?  I don’t.

This is the messed up article quoting tabloids:

Let us not forget the pilot who slipped out of the Cabin for no known reason.  My images suggests that the pilot – whoever it was stepped out to meet with a woman on the plane.

But where are all his pictures.  He trained, became a captain, was married and had little children.

The pilot was allegedly 34 and the co-pilot allegedly 27.  And no selfies littering the web?  Really?  And to believe that a 34 year old pilot with children and a wife at home did not have a phone on him as the plane was crashing to call or write for help is absurd.

But for the sake of this blog and those who want so see the photos and the official records of who was flying that plane and who these 3 people are, I ask for some help locating these.

Please send me photographs of Andreas Lubitz and Patrick Sonderheimer in uniform as pilots, in uniform for Germanwings, and sitting in the cockpits of planes. I cannot seem to find any such photographs and Lubitz’s facebook has been memorialized and taken down the last I checked. If you find these photos, they would be a big help to my blog articles. Also, please forward photos of him and his ex-girlfriend that are not blurred out or photoshopped.

Thanks for your help.

L, S