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Did Psychic Sterling Sinclair Predict Today’s Earthquake in Ofunato Japan? September 23, 2014

Did Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Predict Today’s Earthquake in Ofunato Japan?  

September 23, 2014

A 4.? hit today.  Will a bigger one come?

Odd coincidence that it hit the day after I felt it.

You decide.

this is the tsunami that hit Ofunato in 2011:

This is yesterday’s blog post.

I pray that the this in not a precursor, especially with that plant expected to reopen.




Psychic Sterling Sinclair – Is there concern for another approaching Earthquake Tsunami disaster? Marianas and Japan? September 22, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Is there concern for another approaching Earthquake Tsunami disaster?  

Marianas and Japan?  

September 22, 2014

Over the last 10 days, my empathic concern with the earth has been once again directed toward the Marianas Trench.

Each day, I have been checking for earthquakes on the USGS website

This morning, the earthquakes in the area of the Marianas trench, Guam and north gave me chills.  Why?

The last time I had these similar feelings about the trench region is when the Fukushima power plant and coastal Japan was hit by the 9.0 Mag earthquake induced tsunami.

The awareness of theses quakes today ( ) flooded in visions that looked like the past but were yet to happen.

I pray this will not come true.

I pray that history will not repeat itself.

With this concern in mind, I searched the web and found this CBS covered a story, released 8 hours ago, considering the reopening of 2(2) of the reactors.

“Japan’s 48 nuclear reactors have been off-line since the disaster. Prime Minister Abe wants to restart as many reactors as possible as part of a plan to revive his country’s economy.”

Possibly world’s worst disaster in recent history: notice the radiation flow through the pacific by year 3 (sort of now)

However, the quakes today are not near those plants, so why the concern.

The concern is that I had the same empathic fear concerning the Marianas region when the Japan earthquake hit.

How is it related?

For that I have no answer.


the trench is not just a cleft in the ocean, it is an active existence of which is not yet understood.

My visions of this area often show it shifting and heaving.  Like if it were to open up, a grand flood or a new world would rise in the pacific .

Notice how the trench’s fault line moves north and intercepts the Japan Trench near the location of the 2011 Japan earthquake.

The following site provides a geological explanation of what was happening in the region at the the time of the big quake.

The earth is interconnected.

We truly don’t know how this planet works and why it decides to move when it decides to move.

Yet empaths have an unexplainable means to pick up/sense earth’s reaction to its existence sometimes before science and technology can detect it:

This is a list of empath characteristics:


I know this is quite a collection of links for a simple expression of concern, but I hope you find some of it intriguing.

For me, I live with these sensations and most often let them pass.

I hope that history does not repeat itself.

However, as we have learned from the past, history does have a way of doing that.


Many blessings and thanks for reading,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Answers Questions About Life After Death – Heaven and Hell – But What is that Other Place? Why do We Live? September 9, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Answers Questions About Life After Death

Heaven and Hell – But What is that Other Place?

Why do We Live?

September 9, 2014

These comments are based upon my life experience in and out of transe.

It seems to be more and more frequent that I am asked about my perceptions of what happens after we die.  My developing thesis, “The Universal God Program,” mentions existence as written into some sort of eternal self-learning code whereby virus infestations are possible but at the base, no life exists – simply program.  So if is true, “why bother living if you are not truly living?”  This concern raises some really great questions.  Today, I will briefly address a few common questions.

Q1: If we are simply a collection of code, then do we live?

A1: The concept of us being code is not a new one.  With the discovery of energies, cellular life, genetics, subatomic particles and such, the concept that we are programmed in some way is not far off from a current scientific truth.  Where the concept hits the snag for many inquirers is around emotions.  I pick emotions here because some people assume faith and divine energies are simply manifestations of emotions.

Emotions are not mystical things that independently exist from the body or self.   They are not external to the physical body system, nor are they internal.  They are simply a part of each of us.  What is extra special about emotions is that they are not contained in a package like a human body, they are shared with others.  You rid an emotion before its time – you rid a part of yourself.  The emotion does not disappear because it is written into the program just like your body is written into the program.  So if it is truly possible to rid yourself of an emotion then another person receives your share.  The emotion is retained and amplified someplace else. Can the emotion be transmuted or altered?  It can, but only when the alignment and timing fits within the program.  Therefore, emotions are a part of us.  They carry memory.  They carry our identity and they are programmed to process memory in order for us to move forward in this life and in the afterlife.

Q2: What is the goal of life?

The goal of life is to return to source; to return to complete, pure program.  This as well is not a new concept.  Maybe you have heard of reaching purity during meditation and turning to a gold dust.  That concept is not far off from this.

In a living trance state this past August I experienced gold dust.   Actually, it was like everything consisted of particles and all of the particles were golden light.  In the state of golden light, I existed in all things.  I could feel inside myself and look in small areas of my body as well as through the universe.  I was not travelling, I was in all things.  Living with no life – Living as Existence.  You may refer to this as returning to the Universe.  In that state, no Creator existed separately.  The Creator was the same as me.  We existed in harmonious light.  God did not exist inside me or outside me.  We existed as one unit.  We existed together.  We existed as one magnificent eternal program.

Q3: Have you ever met “God?”

Until the above experience happened, my answer was the following:

When I was 10 years old and again when I was 20 years old, I met “God.”  I was guided to a big red door (twice my size).  The door had a gold knob.  I was told by my 2 guides, “only you can open the door for you.  If you try and it is not your time, they will smite you.”  I looked up and on both sides were living golden angel statues – sentinels with swords.  I turned the knob and there before me was an energy identified as “God.”

“God” was a single atom-like particle shooting about in a way to form a sphere of blue-white-golden light.  Around me, even below me nothing existed (well a black vacuum existed – it was like outer space without any stars). When I was ten years old, I stepped forward and I was sucked into the sphere and then spit out.  I could see through things – well, I could see solids as moving particles.  This took about 3 years to balance for me – to realize a table was a table and to accept it.  I did not understand what I was seeing until I took physics in high school.  After that experience with “God” I experienced my first resurrection of an animal by holding it.  Something had happened to me in that experience that I could not explain.  When I stood before “God” at 20 years old, I was half sucked in and then returned.  I received my instruction and my purpose.  My life fell apart in that year.  I increased meds and booze and lost friends and family.  Something about that experience caused me to run for a few years.  By the time I was 23, I had participated in 4 resurrection and near-death experiences – one with a human.

But did I ever meet “God” in a human form?  No – only as energy.

Q4: Is it possible that “God” can have a human form?

The possibility of “God” manifesting a human form is the same as you manifesting your form.  But for “God,” being pure energy and existing purely within the code, “God” can take any form and take no form both at the same time.

Q5: If we are simply eternal particles aligning due to some program, then why bother have a “God?”

I have drawn a diagram and submitted it on my blog concerning gods and such.  However, another answer is this, we can feel and hear something driving us.  We can choose to ignore it but we are never successful.  Pure Existence exists in each of us; we are embodied forms of Existence.  This is without our choice – it is just the way we are created.

Do we exist or do we not?  Is there a God?  Is there our manifestation of a God?  Are we God?

These questions are human questions programmed to align people within a metaphysical reality.  So we align with a god or we choose to align with a form of logic (which is in itself a god).  So yes, to us as humans, there is a God.  Yes, any God can take any form, so all religions are correct in reference to their deities.  However, where the human alignment of thought comes in, a manifested personification of energy is developed.

We have a god because a god is far more perceivable for more people than an existence of a living communal symbiotic network of gold particles existing in all things – in all Existence.

Q6: Is there a heaven?

To this question, I have no answer.  I was asked this in an interview once.  While training to be a congregational minister, I was instructed to talk around this subject because people like to live with hope of going to heaven when they die.  However, the Holy Bible talks about the Kingdom of heaven being created.

Is it possible that “Heaven” could be already created and is being created at the same time?

I have experienced “heaven” as the universal Existence described above – being eternally created and recreated.

As well, I have experienced a manifestation that I was told was “Heaven.”

In a place that I was told was the “Library of Knowledge,” there was an elevator.  The elevator was like a round tube but it traveled in all directions.  The floor and ceiling were translucent bubble-like skin and the walls were a seamless clear crystal.  When we (I write we because I was not alone, I just never saw who was with me.) got to what seemed the top floor, the doors opened and there we stepped out onto a white veinless marble-like substance.  We stepped through the arch and when we did, the sky was the most magnificent cloudless iridescent indigo.  The sun stayed rising but it never lifted above the horizon.  A long white path with stairs up a tall green and purplish mountain we climbed.  At the top was a single white veinless marble-like pillar with a white angel standing there.  He/she stood facing over the hill.  As we approached, the angel glowed brighter and brighter till the angel was surrounded by a golden aura.  My guide grabbed my head and turned it to the right.  When I saw the Kingdom over the hill, my guide said one word, “Heaven.”

Q7:  Does “Hell” exist?

There is a place that I was told by my guide was “Hell.”

I remember being drawn into it and feeling like this was glorious.  When I was pulled back out of it, I was sickened.  My guide returned me to my consciousness, but the memories, experience and smell remained vivid.  I could not tolerate the sense that I was drawn into it.  But I knew then, as my guide did say, “See, this is why people do what they do.  This is also pleasure to them.”  My perception of why people find pleasure in some things made sense to me then.

Hell was like a sewer entry below a giant, grey, smoldering apocalyptic city.  The sewer entry opened like a cave but it actually opened like a lipless mouth.  Inside the cave was another world where a lord of some form sat upon a throne surrounded my molten walls of iron.  There was a party there that never seemed to end.  The smell of rotting flesh and burning hair gathered together with must and smoldering sulfur rocks permeated the air.  There was music but the tribal beat was flushed away with screams and moans as an orgy of sex, torture and cannibalism continued and continued.  There, the worse the pain got, the more pleasure was found.  There, no one seemed to suffer.  They were all in an erotic bliss.

Q8: Is there somewhere else – other than a heaven and a hell?

I have been shown 3 other after life existences: a form of purgatory and cleansing factory; a land where the passed go as they await purification or their new life (communication here is made through medium means and talking to them – it mirrors our life here); and the land of the dead.

In the land of the dead, lost souls swirl in an existence of nothing.  The Holy Bible makes reference to a gate in the ground and below the gate is a land of nothing where souls go to stay for eternity lost (Hades is occasionally described this way).  This is often considered “hell.”  But this place is not “Hell.”  However, it would seem like a hell.

I first experienced this place when I rescued my brother from death.  A dear Reiki master rescued me with the help of my wife and my faith.  In there, one minute feels like 1 year.  You age really fast and since there is no life there, when life enters, it is quickly attacked and life is consumed.  I almost died.  It took almost 10 months to recover with a lot of energy work and prayer.  During that time, I lost most of my finances, and my life fell apart.  I became suicidal and very self-destructive. There is usually no escape.  You lose your way and then you die a death that cannot be recovered.

You could call the land of the dead (as I call it) the existence of lost souls.

Q9: How are these energies and places possible if we are simply code?

If you believe that you are dead, you will be dead.  If you believe you are alive – you will be alive.  A person’s faith and life dictates the continuation of life.  The direction in this life and in the continued life is dependent upon your work at the moment that you perceive your life being lived.

The code is self-learning and Existence is always changing, so just as you are written into the code, you too write it.  Without a direction you continue a path of no direction.  If you have a direction, you continue to travel in that direction.


A shift in consciousness is simply the reprogramming of the program.

This is why I believe that all things are possible and that we all need a direction.

Our purpose is to return to source.

To become golden.

To once again



Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Through the Eyes of a Shut-In – Where did you go? September 4, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Through the Eyes of a Shut-In

Where did you go? 

September 4, 2014

In the woods, I have been a shut-in since 2007.  My first blackout came the day after I had hernia surgery almost 5 years before.  At first, if I kept walking and being busy, I would just simply get loopy and lose some movement coordination for a few minutes.  Then they got worse.

I owned a store.  I had to close it because I was unable to look after it due to this condition.  In the blacking out phases, I would put things places and not remember.  I would go to pay bills and then not pay them but thought that I did.  My employees discovered that it worsened when I would put stock on the top shelves at my store.

What was happening?  The story to recovery is a long one and I still suffer from them to some degree.  They progressed into stopping breathing, pulse stopping, losing nerve sensations, and seizures.  Nonetheless, I was unable to run my store and I was unable to hold down a job.

I tried to sell my property and the market crashed in that year.  So that meant, at 40 years old with three degrees, a lot of experience, children to raise and big debt, unable to drive, or eat or cook alone, my life as I knew it had ended.  My primary care physician said simply, “these are the cards you’ve been dealt, you will learn to live with it.”  I still receive no medical treatment.

Before I became a shut-in, I lived with vitality and really enjoyed visiting with people.  Being around people and helping them and having fun were really important to me.  Actually, I never imagined living a life where that would never be the case – until it was.

I was raised to believe that my family was everything.  As I grew up, I had very few friends outside of my family.  When I fell ill, first from my car accident head injury and then the blackout/seizures, my family no longer came to visit.  Other than 2 family picnics that I threw at my place, I have spoken on the phone to my parents about 8 times and they have come to see me about 3 times each in 7 years.  My sister came two of three times and my brother has been unable to see me.  I have not had one friend who I had before 7 years ago (outside of business) come to see me in 7 years.

As a shut-in, I not only became separated from the world I knew, I became ostracized by it.  I have been blamed many times for being hurtful towards others because I have not gone out of my way to visit them.  I have had people ask why I want nothing to do with them any more like I chose to live this way.

Isn’t it strange how a person falls ill or has a loved one die or suffers a major loss of income/career that people have a tendency to shun a person and then accuse the person for leaving them and becoming cold toward them?

When a human cannot deal with a reality of a loved one’s pain, a human will tend to turn away from the person.  In so doing, their guilt rests so heavily upon their souls that they find a way to recover – humans tend to survive.  Sometimes, blaming the injured/ill/grieving person is the easiest way to do it.

After several years of wondering where they went and what I did to deserve this treatment, I gave up wondering.  I was suicidal; I had even written my last note.  Imagine… I considered taking my own life so that my reminder of suffering would end.  I am glad that I didn’t.

As a shut-in, I had a choice to ignore my situation or start living with my “disability.”  I found care professionals and made new friends.  I started my psychic business and people started coming to see me.  Strange as it may seem, 7 years later, I visit with people so often that I am not alone and if family ever did want to come see me, they would now have to be put on a waiting list to get in.

When we face the decision to start again and we choose to do it – we simply start again.

We live a life in our new reality and we live happily in that reality.  We become different.  Our lives become different.  Our priorities become different.

It may seem strange to many people, but the trees and fish and the forest animals became my everyday companions.  I began looking at the world and communing with her.  I became not a person of other people’s expectations but my own person.

A person’s life journey is a long one.  As a medium, I often have passed people write through my hand as they talk to their loved ones.  Their message is loud and clear, life after death is the life journey continued.

Shut-ins either give up or they learn to live a new and different life.

I referred to myself as a “shut-in” in this short reflection because categorically that is what I am.  But, I do not feel that way anymore.  I like my life the way it is and I have no aspiration at this time to change it.  I have new friends who I consider family.  I love my family as much as I did before they stopped seeing me.  That has not changed in my heart.

The reason that I am writing this is for 2 reasons:

1/ I have kept this part of my life publically quiet in the fear that I might be rejected and I have come to a point in my life of honest portrayal of self and wanted to share this life experience/lesson with you.

2/ No matter your situation in life, it is your choice to view it in the way you choose to view it.  This can be difficult to believe in some situations, but it is true.  The extent of our joy and/or pain is a matter of our own perceptions.

If you are a shut-in or feel that way sometimes, please know that in some way, I understand.  You are not alone.

When the time comes to feel at peace with your life and the way to want to live it, you will live a restful moment of love.

If you have found your life your way, please share the good news that we need not view our lives as being shut-in.  We need not give up.  We can view our lives as a new life paths to discover and as a life adventures to travel.

Thanks for listening.

We are not alone.

Never give up!

Keep moving forward.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair YouTube Video Message – WWIII Can Be Stopped – Global Love and Energy Alteration Needed NOW, September 3, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

YouTube Video Message

WWIII Can Be Stopped

Global Love and Energy Alteration Needed NOW

September 3, 2014

Are you feeling on edge?

Aches and pains and irritable?

Trying to get things sorted out but communications are off?

You may be sensing the global energy of war nipping at your heals.

In this video message I ask for you to do your part by altering the energy path and global situation though love and neighbourliness.

As NATO meets/prepares to meet about what to do with Russia, other battles continue.

I love you,



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature (s) of the Day, September 3, 2104

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature (s) of the Day

September 3, 2104

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Peterborough Kingston Cobourg Together Family 090314


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Peterborough Kingston Cobourg UFO Alien Robot 090314


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Peterborough Kingston Cobourg Mind Your Business Perception 090314




Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Personally I’m a Person Takes Personal Things Personal, September 2, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

Personally I’m a Person Takes Personal Things Personal,

September 2, 2014

You can choose to psychologize your life or choose to change it. 

Caution: if you honestly choose to change your life – you will change your life.


If we exist within one common, shared consciousness, we share a personal existence.

If we live an energetic interconnectivity, we live a mutual personal experience.

If these two things are true then “Don’t take anything Personally” is an impossible instruction –

a fantasy to relieve a human from personal hurt cast upon them by another person’s perception.

We do not live in isolation or as an inert object such as a discarded chunk of concrete well casing.

We are communal creatures sharing a communal existence.


They may possibly exist (you may even be one), but I have never met a person in my practice or in my social/family life who lets everything seemingly run off their backs like water off a duck unless they are cold, hard, self-centered people.


By not taking it personally, you also refuse to assess what it is that you are, carry, represent, or think that draws actions/comments/beliefs to come in your direction.  You take no ownership of the passing of that love or hate or whatever found in between.


Laws of attraction and arguments of like forces seeking each other out and repelling each other become mute points if you can simply place yourself on an emotionally void island upon the pages of a fiction novel.


As long as we live, we commune.

As long as we die, we commune.

As long as we are persons, we are personal and will take things personally because that is simply the way it is.


To run from this acceptance is to run from self.


So what are you to do then?

Someone is mean to you and so you are to blame for that?


Not entirely.


If someone is mean to you, there is something about you that is attracting that meanness.

It may be nothing that you are aware of.

You may have inherited it.

You may have picked it up along the way from another person.

Nonetheless, if you were not you then it would not have happened the way it did, if at all.


So if someone calls you “stupid” does that mean that you are?  It may.  However, what it reveals is a component of your being that either/both inspired, extracted and/or provided an avenue for the statement to come in your direction.  If deep down you kind of wonder if you are stupid then you will likely be called stupid.  If you mess up something and still did a better job than the person yelling at you it is likely because the person depended on you and “you are stupid” is a reflection of himself/herself coupled with his/her disappointment with your performance (he/she thought you could do something you could not).  No matter the situation, you were called stupid because you in some way brought it on.  Maybe you simply allowed the statement to be made and didn’t even know it.


What I help my clients do is understand the ripple effect they create and then help them change the ripples.


When someone throws a rock in your pond and your shore is altered by the waves they created, remember that it is your pond and you can reverse the waves or swallow up the rocks they toss and then stack them nicely upon the shore.  You can alter the waves.  But only after you realize that your pond has stray rocks laying around waiting to be thrown at you can that be done.


By taking it personally, you can choose how to behave.

A punching bag is not what my clients want to become.

They want to stop the punches.

They may even want to punch back.

But only with personal responsibility is that possible.


Choose to feel good by becoming Teflon or choose to feel good by affectively changing how people treat you are two different things.


To gain power and stand tall.

To understand the depths of oneself and abilities to alter ones world including nasty comments sent in your direction is how one empowers their sense of what they view is personal.


Instead of getting hurt by others, one eventually becomes stronger, more aware and more authentic.  One does not have to avoid the sense of something being personal, one simply changes the pathway.


Sounds easy?  Well it is relatively easy.  But it requires you to look into your truth and the possible triggers and welcoming devices that you have.


Once identified, you can try to rid yourself of them or do one of 2 really magical things – use them as part of your personal identity and embrace you as you are OR choose to change them.


It really is like changing a piece of lint into a Corvette.  You can change it.

Once the path is altered, so to do the projected comments and behaviors toward you.


But what about in times of war?  The same principle happens.  However, the energy and hate has become so overwhelming that it is nearly impossible without many people altering it, hence the reason for the prevention of war rather than ending one.


Remember, no matter what you change in yourself changes everything else.

Everything is personal.

You choose to change the path, the path not only changes direction but also changes in its quality.  By taking it personally and changing it, you change the person who delivered it in the first place.


We live in community as one body.

You hurt me – I hurt you – you hurt you – I hurt me.

You love me – I love you – you love you – I love me.

We can choose to live as we live.

We are personal people and we take things personally.

We are communal people and we live in communion.

There is the secret.

Our symbiotic nature has interwoven a carpet of life within which we all live.


Today, you choose what to do with how you live.

By doing so, you will affect the way I live.

Today, I choose what to do with how I live.

By doing so, I will affect the way you live.


We live together.

Please take this statement personally,

I love you.


May we together be love.


Love, S