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Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Turning the Page to an Unwritten Chapter, August 23, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

Turning the Page to an Unwritten Chapter

August 23, 2014

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The part about working as a psychic that I dislike is the request, “tell me about my future.”

Impatience in life drives us to want to know what is next.  We want to know that we are headed in the right direction but what if our direction has not yet been written?

Sure we want to go on another trip and have love that lasts and have the home of our dreams and we want someone to tell us that it is all going as planned and stuff will work out fine.  I get that.  But in the real world, sad to say, “stuff” happens.  Also, the belief that fate will solve the puzzle in life is a belief that limits choices in our life direction and restricts chosen manifestations.

Futures are as written as the most vastly collected libraries are written.  Your future path is reflected upon the pages of book you open.  Your life story will be told differently depending on the views of the authors.

With this thought in mind, self-fulfilling prophesies may also be true.  If they are true then why should we believe another author’s view of our life and seek to live it out rather than writing our own book series with many new chapters as we choose to write them?

When I draw a picture and it shows a blurred future, I am thrilled by the visual, psychic confirmation that my client has many, many chances to write my client’s future.  The past shall not hold you.  Your life can be what you aspire it to be if you simply take time to pick up your own pen and start writing.

When we write our own story, we write it not for others to buy but for us to live.  We navigate our life through a barrage of other stories upon the shelves of the Universal library.  We become the authors of our own lives.  If fate then exists, then when we write our own story we have enter our story into the collection of fates and we manifest our story into reality.

Life is not all blooming roses and chocolate bon bons all of the time.  Life stumbles and sometimes covered in the gravelly dust along the bumpy highway of life, we look back and wonder, “Where did I go wrong?”  This question, a worthy question of learning, has a tendency to paralyze our vision of life and as we sit in the ditch licking our wounds, someone else picks up our pens and begins to write other chapters in our books with their thoughts and foci changing our perceptions of our lives.

At all costs, do not let someone else write your chapters of life.  Hold your quill tightly to your chest and no matter what life throws you, keep writing your story.

The reason I dislike the request of telling the future is that I prefer to help my clients choose their own futures.  I prefer to help my clients open their books, pick up their pens and start writing again.  No matter the story that I read on the day that I am asked about the future, their futures can be different if they choose.  I desperately believe deep down in my bones that our futures are our stories that we either choose to let someone else write OR choose to write for ourselves.

If you are embarking on a new venture in life or simply stuck, find your pen and turn the page.  A new chapter waits to be written by you.

It is exciting to once again pick up your pen, do you know where yours has been placed?  Is your pen in your hand writing away as you read this short essay?

A new adventure calls you to turn the page.

Let this be the day that your new chapter in life is written by you.

Happy writing…

Your future is in your hand.




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