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Psychic Sterling Sinclair: How You Opened My Eyes and Made Me Love You, August 13, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

How You Opened My Eyes and Made Me Love You,

August 13, 2014

I used to be pro-life / anti-abortion, now I am not.  I used to believe that monogamy at all costs was mandatory in romantic relationships, now I do not.  I used to believe that all people after death either went to heaven or hell, now I do not.  I lived a life of rights and wrongs and sat on one of those sides with the middle not existing.  Now, I am neither for nor against the above.  Perceptions and beliefs can sure change if given a chance.

In life, we are influenced by our society, faith, communal consciousness and self-perceptions (just to name a few).  We naturally struggle as humans to commune but in our efforts to commune we compete for belonging – we compete to commune.

Although our choices are our choices, our choices have been set in place by our surroundings and developed perceptions.  Hence judgment becomes a part of our reality whether we like it or not.  No matter what side of the fence you sit on, when you comment about the other side of the fence, you are making a judgment call, good or bad.  Although judgment is not our nature, our nature influences us to judge.

I was raised in rural Christian community. I studied human behavior and sociology in University and became a Christian minister and counselor.  Life seemed right as rain.  I knew what I finally knew and had chosen my path, seemingly to me, a path without the judgment of others.

It was not until I began to live my professional experience and my family life grew into clearer sight that my eyes became more clearly clouded with desires for truth.  Life began to not resemble the life that I knew.  Maybe the life that I had been dreaming about was closer to the truth.

When I left the church and began reading as a psychic, I had a very difficult time keeping my own opinions and judgments out of the sessions.  It was impossible to fully eliminate the bleed.  But progressively I changed.  What I deemed in the past to be less than normal in life was actually far more normal than I could have ever imagined.

Life was life no matter how someone lived it.  My clients and the channels that followed began to open my eyes.  I hated to love.  I had lived a life loving to hate.  No wonder I used to be so angry and tried to cover up my anger through jokes and hurtful comments.

Now, I can barely recall the depth of my despair; life brought me life and love for life accompanied life’s love.

In the air of love, life began to flourish.  Hate began to shed and my judgments faded away.

To commune meant to commune.  I would be loved not because of my hate – I would be loved because I didn’t hate.  I would be loved because I loved.

My clients’ multiple truths showed me the way.  My truth became, “I can Love You!”

I fought hard for this not to happen.  But, it seems that when it is time to be a welcome fiber within the communal existence of life, the process cannot be stopped – AND thankfully so.

I thank you.

You Opened My Eyes and Made Me Love You.

In turn,

I finally loved myself.

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Love to you on this day,


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