The Art of Visual Healing

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Vladimir Putin, Russian, Ukraine, European Union, “King of the World,” March 24, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair


Vladimir Putin,“King of the World” 

Russia, Ukraine, European Union

March 24, 2014

Not since Nazi insurgences and Stalin’s advancements has Europe faced such a focussed leader with superior beliefs of assuming world domination.

The psychic channels are vibrating with the advent of Russian troops simply marching west/south-west.

Can you hear them.

Today, if the G7/G8 cut themselves off from Russia, then diplomatic connections will be severed.

The ability for the world to take on Russia in battle will be commenced.

I saw visions of what seemed to be Russian subs off the coast of the US in the fall of 2013.

Russia has nuclear capabilities (at least psychically revealed as such).

The previous post last week stated the cold war had become hot.

Today is a horrible day for world diplomacy and the rights of people missing or otherwise.

Say your prayers.

This war was waged many many years back.  

This is the channel,

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Russia Ukraine European Union G7 G8 Vladimir Putin March 24 2014


The following channel is written with the current direction of energies guiding the image.

It is not a view of the future that is written in stone but rather a future prediction set upon the movement of intentions.

Here begins the channeled message,

“King of the World”

Most powerful man in the world.

Putinism – Russia’s Rise to World Domination

The world shall sit with its hands firmly planted in suit pants as Russia assumes control of Eastern Europe.

Like dominos, the countries shall fall.

Poland is the mission.

Seize Poland – Seize Victory.

The Nazi push violated Russian supremacy.

USSR no more.

A new Russia union

shall see a new leader

his name will be


Here ends the channeled message.

This is one of many posts referring to the G7/G8 Summit today,

God help us all,



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