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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Psychic Medium Message Auracature Image to the Families of the Missing Passengers and Staff Flight MH370, 370, Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370, March 21, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Medium Message

Auracature Image

To the Families of the Missing Passengers and Staff of Flight MH370, 370,

Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370

March 21, 2014

I have been contacted by other psychics since I have gone public with my channels and messages.

Every single one of them have stated that a few people have died but most are alive (as of 2 days ago).

Today, I was prompted to send a message home.

I received only 4 words and the following image, “Do Not Yet Grieve.”

Does this mean that they have not died?  This can mean many things but it does suggest either, they are still alive or that they don’t know that they have passed.

When I ask, “Are all the passengers dead?”

As of posting this message, the answer remains, “No.”

I do not recall this ever happening to me when all people have passed.

Could there be confusion?  Yes.  If there is a confused message being sent to many psychics, then a psychic mask or radio wave or metaphysical blur is in place for a particular purpose.  The strange thing is, I normally pick up a blur.  This time, the message seems authentic.

No matter the what sense we make of this message, I find it hopeful.

No matter how many people have gone missing, I have always held out hope that they were alive until they were found.

Never give up hope for these people.

Do not give up hope.

Their collective message to their families is “Do Not Yet Grieve.”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Psychic Message Missing Passenger Staff Family Families Missing Plane Malaysia Flight MH370 032114

As a psychic and medium, I have come to learn that loved ones’ hope, best wishes, prayers, thoughts and fight for the people missing, helps them survive trauma, be strong to endure what they are experiencing and guides them/authorities to them.  Whether alive or passed, the missing people need our help.  Keep them upon your hearts.

I am a believer in miracles.

Life continues.

Keep hope and love alive.

Many Blessings,


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2 responses

  1. Sandy Ramsey

    Re: previous picture… First thought was that the colorful picture reminded me of Phoenix Rising (frm the ashes) Native American in nature. Could this “Phoenix” be the former USSR, or even worse?


    03/25/2014 at 9:30 am

    • psychicsterlingsinclair

      Thanks Sandy.
      The emotions, most fear, that rises to the surface today has been stirring for about 23 days. There is a Russian link but not as the USSR, however the read could be interpreted as such. Something new. As opposed to the USSR rising from the ashes, a new rebirth of a new reality is rising from the ashes. To be reborn is not to assume the life we had but a embrace a new identity, purpose, drive and mission. When it comes to the Russian movement at this time, it is all about Vladimir Putin. All the read is, Putin will occupy Europe. As Stalin marched, so to shall Putin. He shall rise to his glory in this lifetime. Unless he is stopped, this will happen. That is the energy that is the read. It has been a while since the world has seen such a leader. Ex-KGB I believe. Take an Ex-Soviet-Spy who knows what he knows and how to play the game of world espionage and give him power at the time that he assumes his mission to claim greatness, no secrets and strategies exist, that he will not have already planned. There are three powers that can stop him: USA,the Queen of England, the Chinese. The only forces that may face him down in the short run will be the Northern European Union countries. As horrible as it is to say, when it comes to valuable countries to all three of these powers, they are sit near the bottom of the list. Is the world really going to stand up against Russia re-assuming its former USSR properties? By the time they do, Putin will control each country’s wealth and forces. By then, Putin truly becomes a force, that may not be beaten unless the world faces him down. Will the world be worse off if Putin assumes Europe? Will the world be worse off hitting a total stock market collapse and a full blown WWIII? So is this the rise of the former USSR or something worse? From all the visions I am getting, this could make Hitler look like a house fly. The energy has to change or the world is about to face something beyond most people’s imaginations.


      03/25/2014 at 11:25 am

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