The Art of Visual Healing

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Illustration – God, Your Spirit and Your Body – Speaking With the Dead Is Possible… January 17, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Illustration

God, Your Spirit and Your Body

Speaking With the Dead Is Possible…

January 17, 2014


As a professional psychic, I am often asked to speak to the dead (I prefer calling them spirits without skin).

The method I use is simply following the God-Program to the passed loved-one from the client.

Although the physical form no longer exists for the passed loved one, the memory and residual form presented by the program may show an image.

Passed loved one’s for one reason or another, go through adjustment phases (or at least their God-Programs/Spirits because of retained and misplaced memories.

It can take a while for the memory to adjust at death and after death.  The spirit needs to figure out it’s life in that state.  Depending on the condition, state or activity of the memory and the movement of the spirit program, direct “voluntary” communication with the passed loved one may be difficult or nearly impossible.

By speaking to your loved ones who have passed, even though you may not see them, their God-program remains connected to you and hence the spirit is responsive to your thoughts, words, actions etc.

This illustration shows that the spirit we have at this time may not always have human life-forms to empower.

The level or amount of restriction within the body, mind, life condition, belief system, emotions, etc. varies amongst individuals and situations.  These restrictions alter the filters of memory and our memory-connection with the God-program.

Through prayer and meditation (2 common examples  – there are many) the outside and even physical bodily restrictions are lessened/altered, thereby altering the the filters.  As the filters shift, so too does your aware connection with the God-program.

By reaching out to “GOD” through prayer, one notices life change.  The reason is, meditative prayer clears (or lessens the noise at least) the path of interruptions and closer connections to the God-program are perceived.  This results in the filters changing and one’s life perspective altering.  Life changes.

When I am meeting with a client, I look for the information that the spirit-program (the honest memory without bounds in space or time) of my client.  The information comes from there and so too does the direction of the session.

Healing can be felt and life perception/quality alterations and self-awareness can often be noticed.

Why?  Two reasons – the filters have sorted as the client wants at that time and the spirit-body communication is further aligned.

We each have our own answers.

We do not need other people to tell us them.

That is why I find that I am helping the person find their own information from their source, self and memory.

As a medium, I help the client further establish their connections with their passed loved ones.

Visions of the God-program continue to flood in.

Choosing one over the other is difficult, for the importance is not shown to me.

However, by listening to the God-program, I am inspired to post/record certain ones at certain times.

Here is this annotated vision:



Many blessings and much love,



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