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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Map to God – Are You a Messenger Too? January 13, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Map to God

Are You a Messenger Too?  

January 13, 2014 


This is the map to where I am from.

Although this appears to be a map through 4 galaxies, it is a map through dimensional movements.

Although this appears to be a map through 4 dimensional movements, it is a program schematic that leads back to the primary source of ‘Existence.”

The seemingly infinite existence has a precise origin.

This location is the house of continued creation.

This location is the house of universal programing and the re-conception of existence.

This location is the house of “God.”

Although I come from the house of “God,” I am no more “God” than you are “God.”

I am not “God.”  You are not “God.”

“God” is programmed into me.  “God” is programmed into you.

Our inner “God”-self is not “God.”  It is our program that connects us with “God.”

Our higher other is not “God.”  It is an element of our personal “God” program that is not bound by our physical existence.

“God’s” program is in all things.

Hence, “God” is outside all things.

Why am I shown this location?

Why do I remember the location?

There are a couple hundred thousand people on the planet earth at this time whom have been sent as messengers directly from the house of “God.”

The messengers were/are born in human form (most from vaginal births).  The messengers’ physical forms were/are procreated using sperm and eggs.  The messengers live as humans live and function as humans function – with families and jobs – doing things like you. 

The messengers are entirely human – entirely divine – powered by spirit – entirely “God”-program – but not “GOD.”

These messengers have memory (awakened or installed).

Why have messengers been sent to this world at this time?

The “God”- house cares for its programs by routinely (seemingly) sending messengers out into the “God” creation. 

The messengers are sent everywhere, not to this world alone.

Each of the “God” messengers is programmed to function in a particular way.

My particular function is to gather – to realign. 

Hence, I work with Spirit-Body Reunification, Life Force, Self-Acceptance, Personal Accountability, Energy Disturbances, Living and Dead, World-Universe Relations and such.

This is why I go through a triggered program adjustment when a tornado kills a bunch of people, a government imposes sanctions that will cause suffering upon people, or people who I thought loved me gossip about me and curse me outside of my presence.   

The messengers are more highly sensitive to happenings within the program and have been created to work within the program to achieve their basic functions – mine being gathering/realigning.

If you are a messenger too, please know that you are not alone and this is your time as well.

I send you my love,

Sterling Sinclair

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