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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel of the Day – While Watching Cloud Atlas? – October 21, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Channel of the Day

While Watching Cloud Atlas?

October 21, 2013



Today while watching the movie, Cloud Atlas, the following channels were written through my hand upon my note pad pages.  May these words resound with you.

I now begin reading our channeled message for today, October 21, 2013:

“The scorpion’s tail shall wrap around the serpent’s neck.

The depth of green shall merge anew, deepening deeper down drifts of blue.

Toxic tales of times gone by vanquished vomit free from vacuous volumes of virtual vastness.

Whither thou goest thou wither for weather withers one without wings o’ weather.

Risk wrongly wrinkled rights the wrongs wrestled, rested, reused and recompensed.

We wish we would work where work would work, but worked up wonders whip up wisps of wonderlust where wings whistle with the wind.

Dost blue eye agonize over blue skies sociably sumptuous.

Simple sips of desire don’t drip beneath the soul.  They dive above the crimson clouds contaminated with concoctions of cacophonous caverns of crisply captured quaffs killing cures caught between wives of gods controlling the skipping sky.

They the night like night stalkers stalk, yet they, like the night, stalk that which stalks the stalkers.

Catch you queen before she catches you.

The winds reveal footsteps blinded from calmness above all unworthy arbors.

Ask what you will ask when the asking has been asked upon the doneness of dastardly drawn dimples wrinkled by dimensions caught between our worlds reaching to link each other to each other.

Why do you ask questions of the questions that you ask the questioner of questions?

He breeds himself a woman’s form, freely blessed with breasts heaving of milk, feeding a civilization of horror horrifically haunting handfuls of Existence’s salt shakers shaking – simply shaking stopping sings simply signing signs of stopping.

Our trials are not humps upon the universal dromedary’s back.

Trials are trails dangling off tails too tortured today to reveal its temptuous tempters.

Jane, she knew I would lose the lost’s sheep; shorn so soonly, so singly, that Jane jumped Jainism, consuming only offerings set before her.

The darkness draws near.  I can hear them climb the walls of my mind altered mindset set upon the cliffs crashed cleanly by shores shrinking into the sea.

Simply sing my songs so that so many shall sing my praises into the night of a world haunted by tails of poison stinging the sea serpents sensual desires to consume another helpless world without wings of wonder.

When shall you jump from the depths of sanity into the pits of reason?

Reason is the feeble, inescapable attempt to control one’s vacuous mind from nonsensical dreams.

Dreams are files of real realities formed from freshness found finger deep within the eagerly receptive holes of her majesty The Universe.

Do not claw your way out, for sensitive skin rips and scars the veil selectively sorting simple songs sung by seamen anchored deep at sea and swallowed whole by her flushing glandular waters waiting to welcome home truth within truth above truth inside outward truth.”

Here ends the channels for today, October 21, 2013.

May universal blessings be available to guide you today, tonight and tomorrow.

You have been listening to Psychic Sterling Sinclair.

I send you my love.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair’s Last Sermon as a Christian Congregational Minister, October 21, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair’s Last Sermon

as a Christian Congregational Minister,

October 21, 2013 

As I was going through my archives of channeled writings and Auracatures, I seemingly stumbled upon this document.

It was the last sermon I ever preached.

I delivered the sermon and conducted the service in a rural church – United Church of Canada.

This sermon sure raised a lot of eyebrows.

I came under a profound amount of heat.

I never preached again.

Within a few years after delivering this message, I became a professional psychic and channel.

It sure is amazing how life can take it’s turns.












Many blessings to you all.

Love to you,