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Psychic Sterling Sinclair USA Domestic Conflict Reflection – “Are You Being Poked by a Stick?” October 14, 2013

Are You Being Poked by a Stick?

The most calm and peaceful person will inevitably snap and defend himself/herself.

How many times will you be poked with a stick by your controller before you attempt to control your controller?

It is possible that a government may not lash out against its own people with weapons of destruction unless the government is threatened by the people.

If a government strips rights, limits arms, gives rights to some people and not others, restricts services the people need, deny entry to memorials that represent the people’s honor, deny food stamps, close down government and seemingly slant media in order to deny the voice of the people being heard, what will the people do as they feel more and more violated and disrespected?


What if citizens lash back and try to over throw the government with methods of force and inevitably use weapons to do so?

What if at that time the government considers itself threatened?

What if the government uses its stored weapons, body bags/boxes, watchdog, etc?

The people lose.

That is… unless the armed forces personnel decide that they are part of the people and refuse to exert force against their own people.

If the forces lash out against their own people, family and friends, then who do the citizens have to count upon?

What if the only people the citizens can count upon are people who the citizens have been led to hate (demonized people from other religions and countries) more than their own controllers?

An isolated country of people will be destroyed if they turn upon each other unless the world comes in to over throw the government and free the jeopardized country of people.

If the country that the world would have to face was the most powerful country in the world, then what would be the chances of the world coming to the aid of the isolated people?

What if the government has set up the war plan, knowing that no country is going to attempt overthrowing it if need be?

Is it possible that that government would continue to antagonize its citizens until they eventually stand up for themselves?

Is it possible that complete martial law would be implemented?

Is it possible that the citizens have no choice but to lose?

How many times will you be poked with a stick by your controller before you attempt to control your controller?

When the threshold is broken, will you regret the consequences of your actions?

How can you change a lose–lose situation while acting out in anger and spontaneous self-defense?

If you cannot

Then ask yourself

Are you being purposely poked by a stick?

Be smart, be safe, be free.


Sterling Sinclair


2 responses

  1. Cox

    Awesome statement!

    October 14, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    • psychicsterlingsinclair

      So many of our personal and communal actions are reactionary. Sometimes, it is important to pause and determine whether our reaction is the action that the poker of the stick is expecting. Sometimes, anger is the very emotion the instigator is banking upon. Thanks for commenting Cox, S

      October 21, 2013 at 8:00 pm

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