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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel from the Archives – Divine Struggle and the AntiChrist – October 3, 2013

The following is a channel that came through me on September 30, 2009.

Tonight, I was inspired to find it in my archives and post it.

Forgive the writing.  It is a channel (current writing conventions may not apply).

“Divine help shall come to those lost in the misdirected fog of death.

Divine help is underway, yet if those who are lost believe strong enough in their lost causes, they will fight against the divine spirit in order to protect that which feasts upon them in the fog.

Fear drives them further into hiding, for in the fog, that which comes from the clear sky cannot find them.

Confusion runs the show, for they run from safety and hide in harm.

Held close to its chest and fed biscuits of false hope by the day, if a clear choice is not made, it will deliver them up for the divine armies to consume.

The antichrist howls, calling His…hounds of hell…”

Be strong my brothers and sisters.

Sterling Sinclair