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Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Reflection, “We May Believe What We Each Believe,” June 18, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Reflection, “We May Believe What We Each Believe,” June 18, 2013

My neighbor is a Christian Pastor.  A couple of years ago, in his way to tell me not to mention to him about issues of spirits and “well witching” – my neighbor told me that he was not superstitious and did not believe in the supernatural.

I am not one to argue with his beliefs.  His beliefs are his beliefs.

However, what I took issue with was – how could someone not believe in the supernatural and be sincere while preaching and praying and baptizing in the name of the Holy Trinity?  Angels, demons, rings of fire in the sky, hell, heaven, a person both God and man, a risen lord who defeated death, rules sent to men by God, the communing power of the Holy Spirit, and being washed clean of evil during baptism can all be viewed as forms of superstition involving the supernatural.  So was this well respected minister telling me the truth or was he not telling/embracing the truth from the pulpit, baptismal font or beside the grave?

A friend of mine once commented that he had experienced the presence of spirits but did not believe in mediumship or channeling messages from spirits.  How is this possible?  Experiencing a spirit, having one talk to you, and having one take you over can be viewed as vastly different things.  Until each happens to you or a loved one, and you develop a personal belief that it is happening, any of the three seem impossible.

However, over the years, I have found that many people have grown to be disbelievers because of personal experiences.  The basic survival mechanism for humans is to retreat back into the world/reality in which they can best control/understand.  To see a spirit is one thing, to have one talk through your mouth is another thing.  To pray for the Holy Spirit to breathe eternal life into the dead is one thing but to watch a dead person sit up and breathe after being considered dead is another thing.

When it comes to eternal spirit memory and universal construct program codes, the explanation is simplistic.  If the program code is not activated or the spirit suffers from amnesia, there is not possible way for the individual to perceive or believe something requiring a specific memory or code activation.

These people truly believe what they believe.  They know what they know.  They think what they think.

Until memory is restored or the program code activated, every single one of us is unable to see something other than what we see.

It is important for my friend and my neighbor to defend their beliefs – it does not matter whether they are trying to talk themselves out of a belief or experience OR revealing their memory and program code restrictions.  To have one’s frame of reference shaken may result in the perception that one’s life has been shaken too.

The time has come to push through the amnesia and to find the keys meant to unlock and activate our program codes.  The time to awaken is now.  We must do our best to be patient with / understanding of each other during this process, for we are all moving at different paces.

We are living during an amazing time of transition.

It’s Time to See – It’s Time to be Free

Love and Blessings,

Sterling Sinclair