The Art of Visual Healing

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Veins of Time & Time Travel, Auracature “Riding Time,” June 10, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Veins of Time & Time Travel

Auracature: “Riding Time”

June 10, 2013

As programs within the universal digital construct, loops of time are held together by threads sewn through one loop and into another.  Liked like a mysterious puzzle of time, we walk and breathe just as the thread programs throb – pulsating the essence of existence throughout a timeless reality. Time is what holds us together.  Without time, would we cease to exist?  Would we forget yesterday?  Would we still dream about tomorrow?

Because the flow of time circulates through the heart of the construct, if one rides the blood of time through the construct’s circulatory system, one will eventually return to the place in time where one began one’s journey.  In other words, to travel through time, one first needs to locate a segment of space through which a vein of time passes.

But what happens when the veins begin seep?  Internal bleeding slowly accumulates under the skin of the construct thereby leaving signs of where the blood once was and will be going.  In the location of the bleed, all of time passes by – leaving signs of the past and future in the physical realm of space.  Therefore, rocks, technology, spirits, memory, signs of inter-dimensional travel, and beings from other lands throughout the universe may be left in that space.

If one lives in a location where a vein passes through, one will inevitably be freed of amnesia.  It is also possible that the person (spirit, body, mind, emotions) will travel though time without choice.  Life and death will become a natural process repeating itself every millisecond to several years.

To the person living in one of these locations, life is ever changing and thoughts are ever processing.


Until Another Time,

Sterling Sinclair



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