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Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Alien Interview, Memory, Chance and Auracatures, June 5, 2013 – “IMAGINE”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Alien Interview,  Memory, Chance and Auracatures, June 5, 2013 – “IMAGINE”

In Alien Interview, it is a paramount concern of the alien to free from earth “her” own people or people related to her.  If they cannot be freed, then the concern moves to bettering their lives while on earth.  She is acting like a human rights activist fighting for the improvement prison conditions.  What is noticeably missed is that “she” does not explain the relationship function of eternal spirits.  Was the nurse herself a close relative to her?  Was that the reason for the alleged crash?  Was that the reason for the nurse’s ability to understand the alien?  Was this left ambiguous because it was essential for the nurse’s safety?  Are we to believe that the alien’s telepathic communication with the nurse was restricted to the conversations in the room (the ones recorded and revealed in Alien Interview)?

Within the Universal Construct, nothing is left to chance.  The continuous learning nature of the construct design is ordered in such a way that nothing gets lost.  The alien to accidentally crash is impossible if the alien understood program as well as it appeared she did.  The alien, purposely brought and left a ship and bodies (including her doll body).  She may not have been able to vanquish the amnesia program that trapped her people but she was able boost the knowledge of the people who gained access to her offerings.  She came and stayed and then left, all as planned.

Not being blinded by the amnesia program, the alien was fully aware of what she was doing at all times.  She already knew how the future would turn out.  She appeared to be a victim of an unfortunate crash, but she was the orchestrator of a mission/game whereby she was in charge, not the nurse nor the military.  So, why the nurse?

The language program that the alien was using was a program that the nurse’s spirit had written into it.  Although the nurse initially claimed to be surprised, it was still natural to her.  The alien’s requirement to sort out English was in itself a farce.  She was not learning English, she was framing her language and information within the boundaries of the people would be listening.  The fragile program of English suffers from the inflictions of dialectic variations further infringed by reading and comprehension levels.  English was not the problem, the intellectual-linguistic level of the people to who she was speaking was of concern.

The alien was not speaking to the nurse in English, she was speaking to the nurse by using their mutually understood language program.  The words that were translated by the nurse represented a fraction of the information downloaded.  The limitations of English translation were not by chance either.  The program by which the nurse and alien used was one that filtered out the need to know information. The risk of the nurse transcribing, “I love you my sister.  I have been searching for you.  Now we have found each other.  I will never leave you now” would have been too dangerous for the nurse.  If an alien could inhabit the doll body, then why could it not inhabit the nurse’s body too?  That question was important to avoid.  If reading between the lines, the sentiment of this relationship is quite obvious.

What isn’t written clearly is the alien’s other purpose of her offerings.  She did not provide new information, new concepts or new science and technology – she provided enough to open memory channels.  It was found that the amnesia program could not be defeated from outside the amnesia program.  The program can only be defeated from within it.  The alien provided no new information to anyone.  She provided what was needed for the people to remember – not learn.  By remembering, the amnesia program is broken down and progressively become ineffective.  If one person remembers, it affects the entire program.  The progressive nature of defeating the amnesia program by triggering memory within the cloud of the amnesia program is the nature of freeing the minds of people on earth.

The Auracature process is not a “psychic” information gathering process but rather a remembering process because the Auracatures themselves are recognizable and relatable program codes.  The programs and the accompanied languages speak to and from the spirit of the person or situation.  By triggering the remembering, no matter how small or brief, the amnesia program loses more of its control and its amnesia effectiveness upon the people of earth.

Auracatures have the ability to inspire communication with the dead, energy patterns, universal knowledge constructs and such because they are not governed by the amnesia program.

I am often asked, “How do you get your information?  Where does it come from?  What spirit do you call upon?”  The answer to these questions is, Auractures come from the universal construct and the spirit.  The quantity and quality of information is directly related to the client’s/subject’s/spirit’s openness to that information, the extent of the amnesia, the ability to understand and the willingness to remember.  As remembering is generated within the client/spirit – the client/spirit communicates with itself and the universal construct.  The Auracature process is designed to aid the movement forward at the spirit level.  Through the communion of spirits through memory enhancement, the memory of the spirit and the mind is further freed – self-identification is opened to the self and its spirit.

Memory is everything.

Without memory of life as a spirit within the universal construct, the reality before each of us is blinded and we remain trapped within the oppressive amnesia program.

Like the nurse, it may seem odd that you can hear and think in ways that you cannot explain, but as memory is regained, so is your ability to understand your place within the universal construct.  One step at a time may seem slow, but that one step results in seemingly unlimited steps forward for all the people suffering from amnesia.

Imagine the possibilities if you regained your memory in its entirety?

Imagine being awake.



Sterling Sinclair