The Art of Visual Healing

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature, Memory, Universal Code, Alien Interview, May 31, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature, Memory, Universal Code

Alien Interview

May 31, 2013

Reading MacElroy’s  Alien Interview, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer, was refreshing.  Although my experience and witness of the inhabitation of earth is somewhat different than that of the Interview’s description, while reading it, many memories of dreams, visions and time travel surfaced for me which made sense the basic function of Auracatures.

I view Auracatures as being forms of a fluid universal construct program code and language rather than that of an art form.  Although the Auracature style has been compared with Haida Art by various art collectors, the closest collection of shapes (theoretically channeled) are found in the Book of Thoth.  In the spiritual community, Auracatures are occasionally considered images channeled through me by the god Thoth Himself.  To me, the similarity with both the Haida and Thoth images is that they tell stories communicating our past, present and future while triggering a remembering of existence that may not have yet happened.

So why mention Alien Interview?  The possibility of remembering what is to come at the same time of remembering the procreation of life is explained as a removal of an amnesia program from the spirit.  Alien Interview is the best explanation of spirit identity, age, purpose, and memory since I discovered spirit-types a few years ago.

If Auracatures are fluid universal program codes or a universal language, and if they inspire memory, and it is possible that spirits on earth have been under a form or amnesia program so that previous lives are not remembered by them, could it be possible that Auracatures are images that alter the amnesia program or the amnesia program effectiveness?

If so, then why receive Auracatures now?

Is it time to remember?

Maybe, it is…

The future has begun,



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