The Art of Visual Healing

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Repeatedly Sees the same Crop Circle In Blackouts and Dreams, April 23, 2013, April 24, 2013

Last night at about 9:00pm I started blacking out.  Each time I would regain consciousness, I would be left with this crop circle image.  I never saw the other half.  The image was more complex, but each time I try to record it, this is all that appears on the paper.  It is like I can see it but cannot explain or record it.  Take a look.  Maybe you know where this is…

I was asked by a friend what the whether was like in the vision.

The weather was cool/warm, clear blue skies with a slight wind.  It is bright but I don’t see the sun…  It is like it is in my back and to my right like as if it is almost dusk.




Sterling Sinclair


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