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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writing, March 16, 2013, “Bravery and Forgiveness: Is This Your Time?”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writing

March 16, 2013

“Bravery and Forgiveness: Is This Your Time?”

Over the mountain of life, forgiveness is a trek through darkness.  Only the bravest of people dare embark upon the journey, for the creatures hiding in the caves of hurt and blinding pride threaten to consume our shields of life.

Although our shields protect us from falling prey to hideous memories and agonizing visceral responses to the past, they also trap anger and aggravation while interrupting our view of a joyous future.

To forgive is easier said than done.  The time to take the trek comes to us all but in our own times.  Some scars require fading before facing.  Some wounds require quickly reopening and cleansing before they can heal.  Only we can ultimately decide when the time to forgive is the correct time for us to do so.

Although the cave may be dark upon entry, the cave of forgiveness is bright upon exit.

When it comes to forgiveness, we face the ultimate choice between: taking the slow, laborious, exhausting path up and over the mountain of life; OR taking the cave to quickly pass through the base of the mountain.

On your forgiveness trek, which path shall you take?

When it is your time, you will know



Love to You on this Day,


FB Status,

February 16, 2013 we are welcomed into the day of forgiveness.  Fun and happy times are momentarily interrupted with notions of familial, family hurt and personal hurt.  Is there something for you to forgive?  Maybe you should be forgiven? Maybe, you need to forgive yourself?  On this day, please remember, although the cave may be dark upon entry, the cave of forgiveness is bright upon exit. L, S


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