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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Personal Statement, “I’m a Professional Consultant, NOT a Professional Medium”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Personal Statement,

“I’m a Professional Consultant, NOT a Professional Medium”

I am not a professional medium.

I am a professional Spirit-Body Reunification Consultant and Psychic Artist.


The work I do is not identifying names, past addresses, causes of death or finding lost objects

to mention a few popular requests by potential clients.

Also, I do not hold séances, beckon or force a spirits

to speak through me/to me or come into a client’s desired space.


The work I do aims at facilitating reconciliation

between the self, ancestry, friends and loved ones.

The Spirit-Body Reunification Process (SBRP) does not make any assurances

that the past loved one will speak with me or through me.

The process does not require that sort of communication to happen.

The SBRP is a form of energy work and meditation

rather than assured discussions with passed loved ones.


Although communication may happen within a session,

I do not assure that contact will happen,

nor do I guarantee the identity of that contact if it happens.

If you are looking for this assurance/guarantee, a séance, or various “parlor” activities,

please employ the services of a professional medium who will provide you with what you are looking for.


My role as an intuitive consultant for paranormal investigators

is to provide an intuitive perspective and share what ‘comes to me’

about a client’s environment (on location and/or remotely).

From there, the team uses their intuitions and

scientific equipment data/results to provide scientific proof of a paranormal presence(s).

In addition, the SBRP may help settle disturbances

and may aid the client’s ability to live more peacefully with the paranormal occurrences.


If you are looking for what my services offer,

please contact me at

Also, you can read more about me and my services at and



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