The Art of Visual Healing

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Auracature of the Day, “Cut,” September 17, 2012

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Auracature of the Day 2,


September 17, 2012


“Life is like a film edit.

To make a quick profit,

And to speed up the pace,

The development of meaningful relationships

Are often cut from the script

And replaced with sex and violence

Without actual substance.

Short immediate action

May retain short term attention

But desensitized reactions

Require the repeated additions

Of new scenes of sex and violence.

Without the development

Of a meaning story line,

Life can become suddenly

Boring and without purpose.

Where once the pocketbook was padded,

The pocketbook becomes empty.

When it comes to life,

Once the love story is cut and

The high of pornography ends,

It is often impossible to add back in

The meaningful relationship scenes

Because people move on.

When making life decisions

And considering matters of love,

Take your time.

You don’t want to overlook

The script of a lifetime.”


As we move into the new age, we are reminded that it is time to live a loving, meaningful life.


I present to you today’s Auaracature,


Many Blessings,




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