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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature “From Upon the Tops of Waves…,” and Reflection “The Rise of the Indigo Children,” September 14, 2012

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature “From Upon the Tops of Waves…,”

and Reflection “The Rise of the Indigo Children,”

September 14, 2012

Reflection: The Rise of the Indigo Children

Yesterday, September 13, 2012, I was privileged to sit with some college students.  This visit affirmed my visions and dreams that they would someday not only save this world but they would lead us into the New Age.

Since I began receiving my visions (1982) of future salvific events that would lead to a future never before experienced on this planet, I have seen the Universal Creator not sending one saviour but many and they would be in the forms of our children.  There would not be one, there would be masses of them joining arm in arm to recreate a world of acceptance where differences would be joyously celebrated through new media and communication forms unknown to me at the times of the visions.

As people who have come before them, we must hold them up strong, keep building their strength and while sharing our wisdom with them and protecting them.  We must take our time to listen to them and most of all – set them free.

I have been told in my visions and felt within the depths of my heart that there is no greater investment for us as loved ones and community members than to forge the trail before them, network our contacts, and afford their rising.  Currency, energy, and time have no meaning if there is no world within which to use them.  In them, our Indigo Children, we must invest without delay and without hesitation.

As I sat with students and discussed their dreams, I could feel a hope within them that I had not ever seen in such purity and magnitude with adults.  They were apologetic for their wrongdoings and look forward to doing what is right in this world and in their lives.  What concerned me were their fears and their worries about the future, their gifts, and about their fit in this seemingly foreign world which has at times seemed unwelcoming to them.

They have learned to quiet who they are because of bullying, upbringing paragigms, and publicly displayed societal/religious beliefs and expectations.  These children were born as gifts to this world but have been too often seen as being so different that they are somehow ill, unfit, irresponsible, or too freakish to be accepted.  This, we as their supporters and forgers of paths through the wilderness, are the only ones who can reverse the hurt or trapping of them within themselves.  We brought them into this world, it is time that we take a stand, open the doors of our time and let them create a place that is worthy of life – a life worth living for all of us.

How do we go about doing so?  First, we must believe in them, cherish them, lift them back up when they fall down.  We do so by trying to provide them a welcome world and encouraging them to keep walking through an unwelcome world.  We do so by “Watching Their Backs.”  We do so by being their shields.  We do so by being their unwavering fortress from which they may retreat and from which they shall march forward.

I thank these college students for teaching this guy that giving up hope is not an option and that they are ready to make their voices heard.

The Rise of the Indigos – The Time has Come.

I present to you the corresponding Auracature:

“Form Upon the Tops of Waves…”

I send all of you my love today.





Psychic Sterling Sinclair Sunset Photo, September 12, 2012

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Sunset Photo, September 12, 2012


The colours of the sunsets that I see from my drawing desk inspire me.

This world is worth saving.